Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Official Eclipse Movie Release Day

That's right ... today is the release day of one of the most highly anticipated movies of 2010 for me. I was going to wait until this afternoon to watch the movie with my husband, but my best friend asked if I would go with her to the local drive-in here ... and who could resist that? Especially when my husband told me I needed to go to make up for the midnight release of New Moon at the drive-in last year (it was fogged out and I had to wait three days to see it). So, off we went with her husband and sisters. You guys, I have to say that Eclipse was my absolute favorite. While 30 Days Of Night was good, I was so skeptical of its director doing a paranormal movie basely made for teens (and tweens) as well as adults. I will never doubt again. And the actors? I thought Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson both added more depth to their characters. All of the other actors were just as good and I'm so glad that we had more face time from the Cullen clan -- especially Jasper. Jackson Rathbone, I tip my hat off to you! He really brought Jasper alive for me and I'm so glad to finally hear Jasper's southern accent come through. For the most part, the movie covered most of my favorite scenes from the book. Of course there were things that I wish were different and/or included. However, it was only a two-hour long movie and there was no way they could have covered 600+ pages of material in that length of time without getting choppy and confusing. As it was, the transition from one scene to another was almost flawless. As my favorite Twilight book, I have to say that the adaptation lived up to my expectations. Best yet!!


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