Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Movie News!

For all of you Twilight fans, I have a little Breaking Dawn movie news for you!

Maggie Grace, who is known for her role in Taken (or her role as Shannon Rutherford for all of you Lost fans), has been cast as Irena in the fourth installment of the Twilight Saga.

Irena is part of the Denali clan, who are considered cousins to the Cullens as they are the only other vegetarian clan of vampires. Irena is instrumental in Breaking Dawn, as she is scorned by the loss of her lover and, holding Bella responsible, sets a horrible chain of events off by her vengeful actions.

I actually like Maggie Grace, but she's playing one of the characters I don't much like in Breaking Dawn. I'm sure she can pull of "woman scorned" well, though.

The first installment of Breaking Dawn will be released in theaters November 18, 2011 - with the second installment following in November of 2012. 

For all of you worried about the end of the world ... have no fear! You'll get to finish all of the Twilight movies before you die!! 

I'm totally joking, by the way. ;)


Lori said...

I didn't know who Maggie was before this but she seems like a good choice. Did you see the Nessie news? They are probably about to cast some little girl....I forgot her name, but the most interesting thing was they said they are going to use the same special effects they used in Benjamin Button to age Nessie. I hope it looks as good as BB because it looked great!

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