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Author Interview: Gwen Hayes

Gwen Hayes
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Describe yourself in seven words or less.
Refreshingly dorky.

What made you choose to write?
I've always had the voices in my head--characters talking to each other, I just didn't realize that not everyone did. I wrote a little in high school, but it wasn't until the last four years that I decided to actually, you know, finish something.

What is your favorite part about writing? Least favorite?
My favorite part about writing are the mushy scenes. My least favorite is when I get stuck and don't know what comes next.

Falling Under is your YA debut novel. Could you tell us the inspiration behind this story?
I was writing a cute little romantic comedy when I kept hearing the first line of Falling Under in my head, over and over. I thought maybe I could just write down the first scene and it would stop haunting me, but I was so wrong.

Did you find the publication process to be difficult?
I found the publication process to be a lot of hard work, but not difficult. The trick in life, and publishing, is to surround yourself with people who are talented and good at what they do, which makes you, in turn, better at what you do. When I began writing seriously, I found a supportive writers' forum. Then I found savvy critique partners. Then I found people who knew a lot about successful business practices in publishing so that I learned what I wanted from my career. Then I found an amazing agent, who then found me the exactly perfect editor. And everyone at my publisher is amazing at what they do. I mean... look at my gorgeous cover!

Aside from Falling Under, you have a few short stories out. Which do you prefer to write: the short stories or the full-length novels?
I really like writing both. Full-length is more challenging for me, though.

Are there any upcoming projects that you can share with us?
I'm waiting to get edits back on the sequel to Falling Under! We hope to have it on the shelves in January. Pretty cool, huh?

Thanks for inviting me over!

Author Profile: Ramona Wray

Ramona Wray
Romanian-born (no known association with any vampires). Compulsive reader. Barely decent, but extremely lucky wife. Doting mother (of the worst kind). Hooked on YA literature. Music lover. Indie-souled. Warrior-tempered. Industrious writer. Smart mouth. Perpetual optimist. Find out more here.


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Hex, A Witch And Angel Tale

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My review of Hex, A Witch And Angel Tale (★★★★★)

►Current Projects
Ramona is currently working on a dystopian novel titled Echoes that is expected to be finished by June 2011.

Bio taken from Goodreads.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Before & After: Sara Bennett Wealer

Sara grew up in Manhattan, Kansas ("The Little Apple"), where she sang with the show choir and wrote for her high school newspaper. She majored in voice at the University of Kansas before deciding she had no business trying to make a living as an opera singing. Sara now makes her living as a writer. You can learn more about Sara Wealer at her website:

I feel this odd sense of inevitability - like, for better or worse, the book is going to be out there and there's not a whole lot I can do except talk it up wherever possible, then hope people like it and encourage others to check it out. The idea that strangers will be able to just pick up the book and read it makes me feel oddly exposed. So does knowing that now there will be sales figures and other "data" to help define me as an author. It's all *real* now, and that's a little scary. But it's also amazing to hold your own book in your hands, and it's impossible to describe how great it is to hear from people who've already read and loved it. I don't feel like I need to be a bestseller, I just want RIVAL to find its way to readers who will identify with the story. That's what really matters to me!

Now that RIVAL is out I feel relieved. Also gratified when I get emails and see reviews from readers saying they loved it. Knowing the story is connecting with people reminds me why I wrote it in the first place. I'm taking a few weeks to enjoy the afterglow before jumping into something new and starting this madness all over again!

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Waiting on Wednesday

by Susan Goldsmith

Publisher: Twilight Times Books
Series: Abithica
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pages: Paperback, 288
What if you knew you were about to be torn from your body and replaced by an imposter in a seamless switch forever separating you and the one you love? Would you do whatever it took to stay? Even if YOU happened to be the imposter?

Abithica must borrow all that she is from others: names, lives, even bodies. When she switches into the troubled life of Sydney Turner, she breaks the rule that has sustained her, the one thing in her control—never get attached. Lane Riley has no idea he’s fallen for Abithica, wearing Sydney Turner’s body and that a future with her is impossible. Desperate to stay with him, Abithica uncovers the mystery of what she is, only to learn she’s a pawn in a battle over souls, and that she’s probably one of the “bad guys.” What will happen if she refuses to leave Sydney’s body?
This one really just sounds like all sorts of fun. I think getting into Abithica's head is the most anticipated part for me. To go from body-to-body like that? Yeah, definitely something that has grabbed my attention!

[Waiting Until...]
June 15, 2011

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Before & After: Chris Rylander

Chris Rylander was born and raised in North Dakota. He's married to a "cool girl" named Amanda and together they have a cat and a dog. He loves sports, movies, music and sports of all kinds. To learn more about Chris (or to check out his awesome self-portrait), click here.

Well, I originally sold my book almost four years ago so I kind of thought I had already burned up all of my excitement in that time. But I was wrong. I absolutely cannot wait for February to arrive - I'm so excited and anxious that I haven't even been sleeping well at night! Thinking about the impending release has taken over my life, basically, to the point where my wife even left me. Plus, last week I lost my day job because they found out I Googled “chris rylander” 3,455 times in one day. Oh, sorry, that was in one hour, not one day. And I just moved into my car yesterday. But all of that is okay because I still have my computer. Okay, sure, it's also now my pillow, dinner plate, and only friend, but it's still my computer, too. And that means that I can still Google “chris rylander” whenever I want. Even better, my beard has become epic. I win!

Well, it has been everything I thought it would be. The day of the release, I awoke in my car to the sound of fireworks. After I Googled my name a few dozen times, I went outside to see what the commotion was. Turns out the fireworks were unrelated to my book, but it was still a cool way to get up that day. Since my book came out everything has been great – I moved back in with my wife and got my job back. I still Google “chris rylander” close to 3,000 times an hour, but my boss and wife both agree that I’m justified in doing that now that my book is actually out. So, basically, life is back to the way it was before I sold my book, except for a whole bunch of added school visits and way more use of Google. I win!

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Monday, March 21, 2011

News Alert!

There are a few things going on around the book world that excites me, and I've decided to share with you guys!

First off, Ramona Wray's Hex, A Witch and Angel Tale is now available as an ebook on Amazon! I think you all know how much I have been singing Hex's praises ever since I read it a few weeks ago. If you own a Kindle, I would definitely recommend adding this one to your collection. It's also less than five bucks, which is a steal in my eyes!

Grab a copy here.

Something as equally exciting: C.C. Hunter let me know that her publisher is posting Turned at Dark, her short story about Della and introduction into her Shadow Falls series, will be available on the Shadow Falls page absolutely free for download. I'm sure this will be a must for anyone who has read Born At Midnight, and even a good start for those of you who haven't but are eagerly waiting its release!

Speaking of its release... C.C. is also having her own contest from 3/22 to 3/29. During those dates, if you tweet about Born At Midnight, you'll have the chance to win a Kindle and other wonderful prizes including signed copies of Born at Midnight, and even some ARCs of its sequel, Awake At Dawn! So, be sure to add C.C. on Twitter and keep on the lookout for more details about that!
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