Monday, December 19, 2011

Blog Tour: Author This or That with Jaime Reed

Today, it's my pleasure to have author Jaime Reed stop by the blog to answer a few This or That questions so we can get to know her better.

Chocolate or Coffee?
Chocolate flavored coffee.

Pen or Pencil?
Pen. I’m all about commitment.

E-mail or Phone call?
Email. I have this awkward thing where I don’t know how to wrap up a phone call. At least in email I can think of a closing sentence.

Sun or Moon?
Moon. You can stare at it and not go blind.

Summer or Winter?
Winter. Death is only pretty in weather.

Cats or Dogs?
Dogs. Cat’s think they’re better than you. I should know. I have a cat.

Reading or Writing?
Both. They go hand in hand in my field.

Desktop or Laptop?
Laptop. When the power goes out, you have the backup battery.

Books or Movies?
Movies. My ADD requires constant activity.

Paper Books or E-books?
Ebook. The same reason I prefer MP3 over CDs: space-saver.

Series or Stand-Alone?
Stand alone.

Sci-Fi or Fantasy?
Fantasy. Sci-fi is too technical.

Good or Evil?
Evil. They have the most fun.

Cause or Effect?
Effect. There’s more action.

Vampires or Werewolves?
Werewolves, they have a special time of the month too. We can relate. Plus I like their sense of unity with pack members and mates.

A big thanks to Jaime for dropping by. On a personal note, I totally agree that cats think they're better than us -- at least, mine does!

To see more of Jaime's blog tour stops, be sure to drop by the Teen Book Scene tour page. I'll be back in January with my review for Living Violet. (Spoiler alert: I really liked it!)
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