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Here are some of this week's Young Adult book releases. To learn more about each book, click on its cover art to be redirected to its page on Young Adult Books Central.

January 17, 2012

January 19, 2012

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Good For You, by Tammara Webber

Reid Alexander's life is an open book. His Hollywood celebrity means that everything he does plays out in the public eye. Every relationship, every error in judgment is analyzed by strangers. His latest mistake totaled his car, destroyed a house and landed him in the hospital. Now his PR team is working overtime to salvage his image. One thing is clear—this is one predicament he won’t escape without paying for it.

Dori Cantrell is a genuine humanitarian—the outward opposite of everything Reid is about. When his DUI plea bargain lands him under her community service supervision, she proves unimpressed with his status and indifferent to his proximity, and he soon wants nothing more than to knock her off of her pedestal and prove she's human.

Counting the days until his month of service is over, Dori struggles to ignore his wicked magnetic pull while shocking him with her ability to see past his celebrity and challenging him to see his own wasted potential. But Dori has secrets of her own, safely locked away until one night turns her entire world upside down. Suddenly their only hope for connection and redemption hinges on one choice: whether or not to have faith in each other.
This is the third book in Tammara Webber's Between The Line series. If you follow this blog regularly, then you know that I loved the first book in the series, Between the Lines. Its sequel, Where You Are, absolutely blew me away. Going into this book, I had very high expectations because Tammara had already spoiled me so with the two books before. I was a little nervous... certainly an author couldn't hit three home runs in a row in the same series, could she?

Uh, yeah, she could. And she did!

I'll have to admit, I did want to have a little more nostalgia in this book by including more scenes with Emma and Graham. But alas, their story has been told and, while there is slight mention of them in this book, the universe of this novel centers around Reid and what happens following the explosive ending of Where You Are.

There is not a male lead in Young Adult history that I want to both slap and swoon over simultaneously more than one Reid Alexander. He is, by far, THE quintessential bad boy that all bad boys wish they could be like. And he has everything to support that attitude - the money, the fame, the looks and it all gives him the right to do what he wants whenever he wants. Oh, yes.. how I hate to love Reid so much! This book is definitely Reid's story and we are allowed an even more in-depth look into his mind and his world, giving us much more insight into who he really is than we have ever had before.

I was a bit disappointed to start this book off knowing that the progress Reid made in the books before all but disappeared. But without it, we would never have the opportunity to meet Dori Cantrell - a girl who rivals the likes of Emma in that she is just as strong a character and is much more suited for Reid. How so? Dori is pretty resilient to the charm of Reid Alexander. Even when the sparks begin to fly between the two of them, she still holds her own and never lets him walk all over her. Without that, I don't think that Reid would have been given that opportunity that he needed to become a better Reid. Dori isn't perfect of course - I think she gives too much worry into what people expect and think of her than she needs to. Still, it's a part of who she is and it makes her that much more endearing.

This is probably going to sound like a broken record from the first two reviews, but I cannot say enough good things about this book. It is by far one of my favorite contemporary reads and is part of one of my absolute favorite contemporary series. I don't think that it could get much better than this, but I would love to see Tammara Webber try!

Rating: ★★★★
Source: Tammara Webber; Author

Title: Good For You
Author: Tammara Webber
Series: Between The Lines, Book 3
Publisher: N/A
Format: Kindle Edition
Release Date: December 15, 2011

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Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Sunday, January 15, 2012

All's Fair in Vanities War: Blog Tour Information

Welcome to the official tour kick-off post for the All's Fair In Vanities War Blog Tour! Here you will find continuously updated information about All's Fair In Vanities War, the author Elizabeth Marx, blog tour stops and special features, giveaways and any other vital tour details that may come up along the way.

All's Fair in Vanities War Tour Stops
Below is a list of all the dates and blog stops during the five-week tour for Elizabeth's book. This list also includes links to each and every blog participating, and the links will be updated on the date of the blog tour stop to take you directly to its official tour post.

Sunday, January 15 - Tour Introduction @ Missy's Reads & Reviews
Monday, January 16 - Book Review @ Refracted Light Reviews
Tuesday, January 17 - Author Interview @ Shadow Kisses
Thursday, January 19 - Guest Post @ Full Moon Bites
Friday, January 20 - Guest Post & Book Review @ Arianne Cruz
Saturday, January 21 - Book Spotlight @ Pages of Forbidden Love
Sunday, January 22 - Guest Post @ Moonlight, Lace & Mayhem
Monday, January 23 - Guest Post @ Literary Exploration
Tuesday, January 24 - Top 12 List @ A Word's Worth
Wednesday, January 25 - Guest Post @ Book Briefs
Saturday, January 28 - Top 10 List @ The Magic Attic
Monday, January 30 - Author Interview @ Splash of Our Worlds
Tuesday, January 31 - Top 10 List @ Snarky Mamma
Wednesday, February 1 - Guest Post @ Must Read Faster
Thursday. February 2 - Author Interview @ Ramblings of an Amateur Writer
Friday, February 3 - Book Review @ The Life of Fiction
Saturday, February 4 - Guest Post @ Esther's Ever After
Monday, February 6 - Top 10 List @ The Bookish Babes
Tuesday, February 7 - Book Review @ 909 Reviews
Wednesday, February 8 - Author Interview @ Spades High Reads
Thursday, February 9 - Top 10 List @ Xpresso Reads
Saturday, February 11 - Author Interview @ Paper Cuts
Monday, February 13 - Guest Post @ Melissa's Eclectic Bookshelf
Thursday, February 16 - Guest Post @ Crazed Bookie
Friday, February 17 - Book Review @ Missy's Reads & Reviews
Saturday February 18 - Tour Wrap-Up @ Missy's Reads & Reviews

Tour Stop Giveaways
Tour Stops are not just limited to the book reviews and special posts. A lot were also given the option to host special giveaways as well. Be sure to visit each blog on its tour date for chances to win:

Bookmarks - For US residents, you have the opportunity to win some beautiful All's Fair in Vanities War bookmarks.
E-Books - Those hosting giveaways for a copy of All's Fair in Vanities War will be giving away TWO copies of the e-book, allowing you even more chances of getting a copy!

Grand Prize
Not only do you have enormous amounts of opportunities to win bookmarks and copies of All's Fair in Vanities War, but you also have the chance of winning a $50 Amazon gift card! All you have to do is "like" the Seer's Facebook page and post your favorite line from All's Fair in Vanities War. Easy, easy!

Book Information

Salem’s always held sinister secrets. No one understands this better than a sixteen-year-old girl who dies on Halloween night and is reborn a Seer.

The Seer can’t imagine anything worse than being an invisible teenager with enormous black wings. Until she finds out she’s been sacrificed to watch over Locke’s new flame.

Locke Cavanaugh is a Druid, and part of the Order, a clandestine organization entrusted with keeping its members cloaked in the Ordinary world. Physically scarred from the accident that took his girlfriends life, Locke is searching for the OtherWorldly magic that damaged him, because only those without blemish can rule the Order. And once at the helm of the Order he has every intention of finding those responsible for her death.

On the West Coast, Keleigh Flaherty witnesses her parents’ murder by beasts that should only exist in nightmares. She is whisked off to the safety of Salem, where she learns how potent and dangerous her concealed Vate talents are. Keleigh wants to be Ordinary, but when her mother reaches out from the OtherWorld, and implores her to find a forgotten relic she’ll have to use all her ExtraOrdinary powers to locate it.

As Locke and Keleigh join forces, they unravel the Order’s involvement in the witch hysteria and murmurs of a Celtic prophecy. While Locke’s affection for Keleigh blooms, The Seer is torn between her duty to protect Keleigh, and her desire to stop Locke from making the ultimate sacrifice in order to earn Keleigh’s love . . .

But if they don’t find the witches bottle before the
ShiningOnes do, someone stalking Keleigh from the shadows will take her instead and plunge all worlds into chaos.

Title: All's Fair in Vanities War
Author: Elizabeth Marx
Series: The Seer's Seven Deadly Fairy Tales, Book 1
Format: Kindle Edition
Release Date: October 24, 2011

Purchase: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Smashwords

Author Information

Windy city writer, Elizabeth Marx, brings cosmopolitan life alive in her fiction—a blend of romance, fast-paced Chicago living, and a sprinkle of magical realism. Elizabeth resides with her husband, girls, and two cats who’ve spelled everyone into believing they’re really dogs. She grew up in the city, has traveled extensively, and still says there’s no town like Chi town.

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