Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Before & After: Chris Rylander

Chris Rylander was born and raised in North Dakota. He's married to a "cool girl" named Amanda and together they have a cat and a dog. He loves sports, movies, music and sports of all kinds. To learn more about Chris (or to check out his awesome self-portrait), click here.

Well, I originally sold my book almost four years ago so I kind of thought I had already burned up all of my excitement in that time. But I was wrong. I absolutely cannot wait for February to arrive - I'm so excited and anxious that I haven't even been sleeping well at night! Thinking about the impending release has taken over my life, basically, to the point where my wife even left me. Plus, last week I lost my day job because they found out I Googled “chris rylander” 3,455 times in one day. Oh, sorry, that was in one hour, not one day. And I just moved into my car yesterday. But all of that is okay because I still have my computer. Okay, sure, it's also now my pillow, dinner plate, and only friend, but it's still my computer, too. And that means that I can still Google “chris rylander” whenever I want. Even better, my beard has become epic. I win!

Well, it has been everything I thought it would be. The day of the release, I awoke in my car to the sound of fireworks. After I Googled my name a few dozen times, I went outside to see what the commotion was. Turns out the fireworks were unrelated to my book, but it was still a cool way to get up that day. Since my book came out everything has been great – I moved back in with my wife and got my job back. I still Google “chris rylander” close to 3,000 times an hour, but my boss and wife both agree that I’m justified in doing that now that my book is actually out. So, basically, life is back to the way it was before I sold my book, except for a whole bunch of added school visits and way more use of Google. I win!

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LOL! This is so hilarious. :D

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