Saturday, May 8, 2010

Saturday Spotlight!

Saturday Spotlight is a brand new meme started by Lori where each week bloggers will have a chance to showcase something new. It will be the place to gather, talk and shine the “spotlight” on all things book related. Not to mention a place to discover new to us authors, characters, series and places.

Each week, Lori will pick a new theme for us to share our favorite of, and every once in a while she'll make it a “reader's choice” week where you can spotlight whatever you want.

This Week's Spotlight: Favorite MALE Mystery Author

I would first like to give a huge thanks to Lori to was gracious enough to let me know the topic ahead of time so I could type this out and schedule it to post while I'm away. So, thank you Lori!

I have to say that as soon as I read what the topic was going to be ... I almost flipped. I have one who holds a very special place in my heart that I've absolutely loved over the years ... even before I was introduced to Stephen King! My grandmother loved him, my father loved him, and I think I can safely say that he's the reason I have a slightly morbid interest in anything dealing with psychology - fears, phobias, serial killers ... all of it intrigues me!

Curious as to who it is? I'll tell you!

It's Dean Koontz! And I can tell you the first book I ever read by him ... Night Chills. I actually snuck it from my parents' room when they weren't looking. I think I may have been eight, but I could have been younger. All I remember about it was being absolutely gripped by the story and my adrenaline stayed through the roof through most of it. It never scared me, the part that I feared was the "what if" of it. What if that actually happened? Thinking of that kept me up at nights. However, I never had nightmares and I never had to sleep with Mommy and Daddy because of it - it just intrigued me. After I read that, I confessed to my parents what I had done. Mom was horrified and thought I'd be traumatized for life. My Dad looked very proud of me - and, as a Daddy's Girl, that was the best reaction I could ever ask for! Instead of banning me from the books, they allowed me to read more if I promised to drop them if they got too scary. I promised, but I never stopped reading them.

So, there you have it ... my favorite mystery writer. Who's yours?


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great post and meme!

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