Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bloody Bookaholic's Ridiculously Awesome Contest!

Alright, I guess by now you guys have figured out that I make individual posts for incredibly awesome contests and giveaways. Why? Because they're worth it and I think they need to be recognized individually - not to be mixed in with all the others. Again, here's another example of an exceptionally great contest for everyone to enter!

Taschima's Words:

You REALLY want to read this, if you don't, well, your inner book lover will never forgive you.
Ive been thinking about this... a lot.

At the beginning of February I reached 700 followers and had my Blogaversary. And both things went kind of unnoticed because I wasn't in conditions to celebrate (no money or energy). It sucked. But now I am ready, and it's going to be better than ever.

As of now there are going to be 7 winners and up to 28 books. It is big, it is weird, it is awesome!

Winner number 7 gets 1 book.
Winner number 6 gets 2 books.
Winner number 5 gets 3 books.
Winner number 4 gets 4 books.
Winner number 3 gets 5 books.
Winner number 2 gets 6 books.
Winner number 1 gets 7 book.

This one is the biggie. When we get all the way to 7 YOU get to choose your books and not from the list, but from either The Book Depository or Amazon. (There's a limit of 10 dollars per book).

And there's more! If I get to 800 followers I will add books (the amount will depend). Same as if I get to 850 or 900.

Also I will be emailing the winners and they get to choose the books. I will email winner number 2 give him/her the list and then with whatever is left I will give that list to winner number 3 and so on. You must answer within 48 hours or your name gets scratched and I go for another person.

**Edit: The last book is whatever book you want. Say whatever book you have been wanting for a while. There are no restrictions like theme, genre, books Ive reviewed, nothing like that. Just pick a book.

In order to enter:

1. You must be a follower. Please make sure that the Show Sites I Follow is checked on your Blogger Profile so I know that you are following.
2. You must fill out *The Form.*
3. You must love books.
4. Give your opinion as to which book should be the last one to be added. Aka leave a comment on this post.
5. You have till April 18 May 14 at 11:59 to sign up and win.

There are also a TON of ways to earn extra entries. I recommend going over to the post (click here) and reading over everything. It's definitely worth your time!!


L. D. Nash said...

Damn girl, that's a lot of loot!

I would say the last book to add would be The Curse of Nefrititi. The only reason I suggest this is because I'm dying to read it!

Great contest chicky!

Missy said...

You should click on the link and tell her! I'm sure she'd love the suggestion!

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