Thursday, July 29, 2010

What's In A Name?

Do you like making up names? Are you creative and can come up with names and titles at a whim? Well, then you should head over to Deepali's Blog and enter the Catchy Name Contest!

I'll be honest: when I first started this blog, I just named it the first thing I thought of. Now, sometimes, I look back at all the catchy blog names and I think, "You know, if I would have put some time and creativity into it, I could have an awesome blog name and not be seething with jealousy over others!" Or I could have asked for opinions. Don't get me wrong, Missy's Reads & Reviews has definitely grown on me and I wouldn't change it ... but it's just something I think about sometimes.

Deepali has a really awesome blog. She now has the dilemma over naming her blog. Now, it's our turn to help out a fellow blogger and get creative with some witty blog names! After all, the book blogosphere IS the most helpful community out of them all, right? PLUS, you get an incentive: a book of your choice (limit $10) from Book Depository!! Who doesn't love a chance to get a free book .. especially when you get to choose?!

So, head on over and fill out the form! What do you have to lose? I've already whipped up a few, but I thought I'd stop and let you guys get a chance!

Contest ends August 15th!


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