Thursday, January 13, 2011

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What made you start your book blog?
- Aleetha

If you've followed this blog long enough, then you know the main reason. Plain and simple: my husband was tired of hearing about every single book that I read. I've always had this reading obsession, but it seemed to get a little worse when I moved out here. Why? I'm an hour and a half away from my hometown, my closest friends live there plus others are over three hours away from me, and I don't know a lot of people from here. Also, I'm a homebody - especially when it's cold out. I like it this way most of the time. However, once I finish a book ... I like to talk about it. My husband lasted through a few discussions. When that wore out, I moved on to his sister - which, seeing as how we all worked together, meant that my husband STILL had to hear about the books. Ironically, this is what caused him to pick up and read the Twilight series. After, he tried to read the House of Night series ... and that's when things went bad. I think it was meant to happen. His sister no longer worked with us. We worked together most of the time without anyone else. This is when HoN came up. He tried to read my books ... and got so ticked off at the protagonist, Zoey Redbird, during the second book that he hurled it across the room and swore to never read books like that again.

From then on out, I was on my own. He no longer took any interest in the books that I read - not that he did any way, Twilight was just one of those once-in-a-lifetime lucky guesses. I went looking online and started looking at Amazon and Goodreads as possible outlets, but I felt as though I wanted a little more than that. Then, on some sporadic Google search, I came across my very first book review blog (which I think was The Neverending Shelf). From there, I saw links to more ... and my little obsession started. I started a blog, but kind of got flustered and didn't know where to take it so it went stale for several months. All the time I was away, I thought about it. One day, I decided to give it a shot again .... and here we are, a little over eight months later and I'm even more obsessed. I still get flustered, kind of wing it half the time, and I'm always looking for different things to put on here. BUT I still love it and am extremely devoted to not just my blog, but also my followers, authors, books and publishers alike. Even though I don't get paid for it and it's just a hobby, it's something that I treasure and I can see myself doing for a long time.

So, what about you guys? How did you get started book blogging??

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Anonymous said...

Great story!!..:D

I stated because my friend was blogging about cooking and I thought wow that would be cool..I could blog about reading and have like a book club online. I had no clue what I was doing in the beginning and did not know how HUGE the book blogging world was. I feel lost sometimes in the thousands of blogs out there....but I feel like I have my small little milli-center in the it...

Savannah said...

I started blogging for the same reason you did. My husband did not want to listen to me rant on about books. He got bored quickly and said,"Isn't there someone else you can tell this too, why don't you start a blog." I was upset and confused but he showed me where to go and from there presto!! I love it and so does he. He doesn't have to hear me rant anymore.

Melissa (i swim for oceans) said...

I love hearing why book bloggers began blogging! Honestly, I started book blogging simply because I wanted to blog, and books were the only thing I would never shut up about besides animals. I finally started blogging about animals this past year, but books are something I need an outlet for, and this community is amazing :)

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