Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Across The Universe!

Today is 1/11/11 ... which means it's the release of Across The Universe by debut author Beth Revis! Exciting, right? Wanna know what's more exciting than that? The launch of the website, along with all the goodies, that I get to tell you about!

First, a word from the author!

Now, let's move on to the ship! There are several layers to the Godspeed. I can tell you that, if I was on the ship, the Feeder level would be my favorite. Why? Isn't it obvious ... it's most like Earth! I think I'd get extremely homesick real fast, so having the fields, livestock and buildings would definitely help to remind me of home. If you'd like to explore Godspeed, click the image below to be directed to it!

Would you like more information on Across the Universe and Beth Revis? Make sure to watch the trailer below and follow the links to all of the information to be found on the author, the book, and even the publisher.

Beth Revis


Penguin Teen Website


Pretty cool, right? BUT THERE'S MORE! One of the most exciting things that I get to tell you is about io9.com. Today, they are posting an exclusive 111 page excerpt from Across The Universe today that you can read for absolutely free! Be sure to check out the official website today between 11:11am EST and 11:11pm EST - after that, it's gone!

Enjoy! And be sure to support author Beth Revis by buying a copy of her book today!!


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