Monday, May 17, 2010

Musing Mondays

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Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post:

What happens when you see a movie based on a book/story, especially one you’ve not read? Do you feel the need to track it down and read it?

This question is a little hard for me answer with just a simple yes or no! I used to be one of those people that would wait to watch the movie based on a book before actually reading the book (if I haven't already read it) to see if it was worth my time or not. If the movie was horrible, I typically wouldn't waste my time with it ... unless the plot actually intrigued me enough to read how the story actually went because we all know that movies can't quite fit all the details of a 200+ page book. If it was horrible acting or graphics, but the story was really good ... then I'll track down the book and read it.

Now days, I typically tend to read a book before the movie. I find that, as a book fiend, I can actually judge it for what it is a lot better when I go in knowing the actual characters and the plot of the story.

Having said that, I can say that reading the book before seeing the movie based upon it can definitely have its side effects. For me, I absolutely FLIP if I go into a movie knowing the book and they completely butcher the storyline and make it something that it's not. That's one thing I wish they would get right. I can deal with horrible acting and even more horrific graphics, but if you mess with the true story and/or give it a new ending ... I'm not going to be a happy camper. I don't care if the author signed over the rights or whatever - if you're going to use someone else's ideas and fan base to profit off of, then you need to remember why exactly people are going to see that movie ... to see their favorite book being brought to life AS IT IS.

If I'm going to see a movie specifically based on a book I've read for that reason ... I go with a clear mind, just keeping plot and characters as references. Usually afterward, if it was really good ... then it makes me want to go into Fan Girl mode and re-read said story and discuss it with my husband and/or my friends. I go a little crazy, actually.


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