Friday, April 30, 2010

Fic Friday: Home Torn

After being without a computer so long, I forgot about this! However, it IS a small weekly feature that I do want to keep on this blog. This story is from FictionPress. It's complete, which is what I love in a story. I know I shouldn't sound ungrateful ... but, I get a little sore when I really get into a story and it's not complete. Why? Typically, with my luck: A) the story, which was once updated weekly or more so, has suddenly stopped being updated, and B) the story gets removed because of silly people trying to steal their stories. I understand that plagiarism is a big deal, but what about the fans that have stuck with you? Don't they deserve something?? How about a nice e-mail that says, "Sorry, people suck and I can't update anymore, but here's the ending of the story for your personal closure", or something along those lines? And the stories that never get updated? I am absolutely stuck on a story that's close to completion and BAM! - no more updates. I have seriously been waiting over a year for one stinking chapter to be posted and the story to be ended.

For that reason, I have decided and vowed to only post links to completed stories. I know it sounds insane, but I don't want to put others through what I have gone through with said story above. I just can't do it.
Note to Writers: I can still do beta, but I'll hope you understand. If you're really itching to get your story out and you can promise me that production just won't halt - I'll see what I can do. I don't know if it could be a feature, but maybe I can still give it a mention for people who are interested?

This week's feature for Fic Friday, as I mentioned, comes from FictionPress. Typically, I'm visiting there more than I'm visiting FanFiction - but that doesn't stop me from wandering over to FF for a fix every once in a while.

Home Torn

Synopsis: She'd left five years ago because her sister took away someone she loved. It had always been like that. Her sisters were adored while she was ignored. Now she's back, but she's different. She had changed and now sought healing in a cold and torn home.

There are some grammatical errors that do make me want to scream some times. However, the story is wonderful and interesting. I immediately fell in love with the bad-boy, but that tends to always be the case with me. ;) If you have family drama like I do, you should read this story. Seriously, it will make you feel a lot better about your own situation.

Also check out Tijan's other stories. Sounding completely hypocritical, I will say that I follow one of her stories that isn't finished right now. She does update pretty regular, though.


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