Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thursday Wrap-Up!

First off, I'm back at work and it's draining me! It's not that my job is very physical, unless I have to lift couches or something, but it's a lot of tedious detailing, bending, stretching, etc etc. So, after I got home yesterday I pretty much passed out. When I finally did get up, I had to do what I do every Wednesday - trash. It's a compulsive thing I do. We keep lots of trash cans so I have to go around and exchange all of those, clean out the recycle bins, completely cycle out the cat litter in the pans, take up all the dog pads, mop the floor and put clean ones down (to do the very same the next day), go around the yard and pick up debris, throw out all outdated food, clean out the pantry - most of it is unnecessary, but I do like to keep the routine. I also officially threw out my cat's bed that recently passed and that added a little to my mental exhaustion. Instead of getting online, I read a little and then went back to bed after two loads of laundry were completed. Oh, the joys of being a housewife.

In any case, my life is pretty boring so I must say that my social updates are pretty bland. I guess that's why I like to keeping strictly to books? I did look over my blog and I'm thinking of changing a few things up and I hope that people will actually enjoy the changes once they're here. The wrap-up that I did on Monday ... well, let's just say that I think I've fallen in love with the wrap-up idea. It's a good way for me to keep up with a lot of the blogs that I follow. So, it's staying. I think I'm going to try to update with a wrap-up every other day except maybe the weekends when I go to visit my family out of town. Other things will manifest as they do. I must say I am quite pleased with the way this blog is starting to turn out. =)

Now, for the Wrap-Up!

- Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters Review @ La Femme Readers.

- Shadowed Summer Book Review @ Rhiannon Hart.

- My Invented Life Review @ Carrie's YA Bookshelf.

- Candor Review @ Everything To Do With Books.

- 200 Followers Contest @ Once Upon a Bookcase.

- Throwdown Thursday @ All Things Urban Fantasy. Today it's Cover Wars for Magic Strikes.

- Captivate Book Review @ Ramblings Of A Teenage Bookworm.

- If I Stay Book Review @ In Which A Girl Reads.

- Weekly Update @ The Tainted Poet.

- According To Jane Book Review @ All About.

- Not really book-related, but one of the reviewers I follow has a photography blog as well. You should check it out. Go to Vania's Life Captures.

- 300 Followers Giveaway @ The Book Scout.

- Check out the UK covers for Vampire Academy @ Wondrous Reads.

- Recent Book News @ Penultimate Page.

- Almost Perfect Book Review @ Books By Their Cover.

- Nothing Like You Book Review @ Edge of Seventeen.

- If interested, there's a Lord of the Rings Read-A-Long @ A Striped Armchair.

- Catching Fire Book Review @ B.A.M. Book Reviews.

- There's a fun little update worth checking out @ Vampire Wire.

- Rachel Vincent posted the UK cover of Stray at her blog.

- 150 Followers Contest @ The Bookette.

- Gena Showalter has a contest for Into The Dark. Being a HUGE fan of Lords of the Underworld ... I am extremely excited about this one coming out!!

- Flash Burnout Review @ La Femme Readers.

- Shrinking Violet Review @ Serenehours.

- A review of Of All The Stupid Things @ Tattooed Books.

- The Secret Year Book Review @ GreenBeanTeenQueen.

- Rock This! Thursday @ Just Your Typical Book Blog. Wendy Toliver.

- Hex Hall Cover Battle @ Wondrous Reads.

- The Secret Year Review @ Ticket to Anywhere.

- Book Cover Giveaway @ All About.

- Some Girls Are Review @ Frenetic Reader.

- Review of Dirty Little Secrets @ Pure Imagination.

- Another review of The Secret Year @ The Hiding Spot.

- The Secret Year Review @ YA Bliss.

- If you have any books you're willing to donate to help a library fundraiser, check out Hope's Bookshelf's Blog.

- Impossible Book Review and Challenge @ Mindful Musings.

- Upcoming Book Trailers @ Monster of Books.

- Beautiful Creatures Book Tour Dates posted @ Reverie Book Reviews. I'm super excited ... they're actually coming to NC!!

- Dark Faerie Tales posted a blog on Books to Watch. You should check it out.

- Movie Update from PC Cast on House of Night! Nothing I haven't heard already, but it may be a bit of good information for some of you.

- Vampire Academy Book Review @ Good Books & Good Wine. I still haven't read this series, and her review makes me want to read it even more!

- Review of Rampant @ Rhiannon Hart.

- Captivate Book Review @ So Many Books, So Little Time.

- This isn't necessarily blog-related, but I did SEE it on a blog (sorry, can't remember which!) and I sent the link to my younger cousin who worships the ground that Lauren Conrad walks on. While I don't particularly like her, I thought I'd post the link to read an except of her new LA Candy book, Sweet Little Lies. Just click here for it.

- Brightly Woven Review @ Tales of the Ravenous Reader.

- Push Review @ All About.

- Seeing Redd Book Review @ Books By Their Cover.

- New badges posted at Vampire Wire. These things ... I love! There's a lot of Supernatural things posted as well, which makes my heart skip a beat. =)

- Demon's Lexicon Review @ YABookNerd.

- ATUF posted an interview opporunity, as well as upcoming interview schedule, on her blog.

- The Secret Year Review @ Hope's Bookshelf.

- Guest Post by Elizabeth Eulberg @ GreenBeanTeenQueen.

- Review of Elizabeth's Book, The Lonely Hearts Club @ GreenBeanTeenQueen.

- Keeping up with Gena Showalter.

- (WORD For Teens) Nicole's Blogger Profile @ Mrs. Magoo's Reads.

- About Griffen's Heart Review @ Everything To Do With Books.

- Interview with Courtney Summers (Some Girls Are author) @ The Hiding Spot.

- The Silent Governess Book Review @ Becky's Book Reviews.

- Interview with Jennifer Hubbard (author of The Secret Year) @ Reading Rocks.

- The Iron King Review @ WORD For Teens. *Caution: there are spoilers!*

- List of Urban Fantasy Giveaways @ All Things Urban Fantasy.

- Juciliciousss Reviews has an interview with Julie Kagawa, the author of The Iron King.

- Lord of Misrule (Morganville Vampires #5) Review @ Mindful Musings. I need to catch up with this series ... I'm only on #3!

- When I Was Joe Review @ So Many Books, So Little Time.

I know I might be missing a few, but give me some time! I'm trying out different ways to actually keep this update working well!


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