Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fic Friday!

I'm a little late on this, but I thought that I would post it anyways. Since I did a short story from FP last week, I decided I'd do the opposite this week: a long story from FanFiction! The story that I'm about to post isn't complete, but it's worth the follow and definitely worth the time. I've been following for a while now and I get giddy every time I get the e-mail saying that there's a new chapter up.

Kissed The Girls And Made Them Cry

Synopsis: Bella is reunited with her childhood friend Alice under unlikely circumstances. When sparks fly between Bella and Alice's older brother, will she be able to resist? And what secrets is he hiding?

As you probably guessed, this is Twilight fandom - Edward and Bella to be exact. It is rated M for a naughty scene later on in the story, so you have been warned. Oh, and it's AH - so no mention of actual vampires, it's just humans. Sorry guys. However, as far as a well-written romance story goes ... this is a wonderful story. Hope you guys enjoy it!!


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