Friday, January 1, 2010

First Fic Friday!

Until I get this thing completely up and running, I figured I would make it a feature. So, for now, until we have recommended and reviewed Fic Fridays, I will suggest a story (or stories) on either FictionPress or FanFiction, or both. These will more than likely stories that are completed, or are so good I feel as though you should follow them.

I'll start with a small story on how I got hooked on FP and FF, because it does partially relate to this story.

It was about two years ago. Where I live, snow is very rare. However, we had snow ... and the roads were covered. I mean, it's bad enough that I live out in the middle of BFE and I have to drive at least half an hour to the nearest town with some activity ... but now I had to deal with ice-covered roads that completely prevented me from going out! Normally, on the weekends, it's my reading time. As it was, all of my books were read and I was in need of going to the bookstore to get more. My husband was playing his video games, and I was getting antsy. I got online and started looking over some writing communities. It just so happened that one of the girls was talking about posting her poetry on FictionPress. I'll be honest, I'm not a huge fan of poetry ... but it seemed as though everyone knew of this website, so I had to go check it out. I was a little overwhelmed by all of the activity, so I went to the communities and decided to go with something other than my typical supernatural or fantasy ... I went with romance. The story I chose is the story below. It caught my attention by the title, and the story is really well-written. It is cliche, yes, but it's still so good! The story is the reason I got addicted to FP, so I thought it'd be a good one to start with.

Hips And Hearts

Synopsis: In the eighth grade, he told her they were going to fall in love. Seven years later, Emma begins to question just how right Jacob was.

I'm not going to go into a full-blown review at all because this is just a feature right now. So, just check it out and judge for yourself! I also recommend checking out NehemiaH's other stories as well.


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