Thursday, December 31, 2009

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Blogs are like snowflakes. While there seems to be a million and one book blogs out there, I bet that you couldn't find two that look identical. Okay, maybe their layouts are the same, but I'm going to take a stab and guess that their content is just the opposite. Not only that, but you're not going to find the exact same opinions for the same book on each blog, nor are you going to find the same information. My blog is no exception.

Another thing I can say about my blog is that the format of my reviews will probably change from time to time. I have a basic outline that I go by. However, if I feel like I need to add more information or take some things away, then I will. The outline is not set it stone. My discretion will be based more on the content that I think the book enthusiast would like. My goal with this blog is not to bore by being redundant, but to entertain and inspire people to read.

One guarantee? I cannot promise that I won't somehow post spoilers on here. Sometimes, I get carried away when I discuss a book. What I can promise is a warning of an upcoming spoiler, and maybe I'll make it to where you have to highlight to read it. That helps me when I read other blogs and don't want to know too much about the book on subject.

I can also guarantee that this blog will NOT be for Young Adult books only, though it will be more YA as I tend to go for those more often than not. But, I am a girl in her mid-twenties. I like adult books. I can tell you that one of my absolute obsessions is the Lords of the Underworld series by Gena Showalter. They're paranormal romance - very adult and very graphic. I am also, as my mother likes to say, very morbid at times. I love horrors, thrillers, mysteries, true crime and those other books sane, normal people tend to avoid. Like the sane people, I also like the romances, the historicals, the inspirational, the chick lit, graphic novels, and anything educational. In short, I am a book slut - I do not limit myself to just one genre. I plan on reviewing every book I read. But, in the interest of those that may be younger, I will post a warning on the books with more mature subject matter.

Staying on the subject of my book fidelity issues: I don't just keep to published works, either. In the past, I have beta read for several people and enjoy reading stories from regular people whose talents have not been discovered yet - or people that may just see writing as a hobby on the side. Fan fiction is also pretty good, though I sometimes get frustrated when people completely change characters that I love. The way the characters are is, after all, the reason why I am a fan.

I hope you guys enjoy my book review blog. I know it's just a hobby that I will pursue in my spare time, but reading is a huge passion of mine and maybe, with the help of this blog, I can make it more passionate for others as well.


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