Thursday, December 31, 2009

Reviews: General Outline

The following is the breakdown that I will be using for every review that I do. You'll notice that there are many things in italics ... this is just things I write down to remind myself what to look for when I review a story.

General Information

Title of Book - include book number if part of series and website of said series.
Author - include author website (or blog) if available.
Number of Pages
Publisher - include Publisher location.
Release Date


Synopsis - include source of synopsis.

Additional Information - include book excerpts, trailers, or other promotional items.

What Is Reviewed

The review will typically be in two paragraphs to keep my train of thought straight. One paragraph will be my take on the whole story ... kind of like my own longer version of a synopsis. The second paragraph will be all of the specifics including the list below. Don;t be intimidated by the list, it's just what I look at when I go to review a book.

Cover Art - does the cover grab your attention? does it fit the story?
Synopsis - does it make me want to open the book and start reading immediately?
Prologue (if available) - does it move you into the story smoothly? or if it's an excerpt from later in the book, does it give you enough to make you want to continue reading?
Point of View - is it too limited, too broad, or just right?
Writing Style - is it classy? funny? does it fit the atmosphere of the story?
Character Development - do the characters have dimension? can you relate to them? do they grow?
Action/Adventure - is there a lot of action? or is the story more about drama?
Plot - is it original? intriguing? planned out well?
Ending - is it fitting to the story? too expected, or was it surprising?
Epilogue (if available) - does it wrap the story well? does it open the story to a sequel?

Rating System

- It makes me all warm and fuzzy on the inside!
- A really great read!
- A little disconnection, but still worth the read!
- Too many questions unanswered, but someone will like it!
- If you HAVE to read it, rent it from the library.

If for some reason I think a book is deserving of more than the rating, but less deserving of the rating above it, I'll insert a "½". It helps me sleep at night and gives you a better feel of the rating.

Reviews that are rated UNDER 3 butterflies will typically not get posted, unless otherwise directed by the author/publisher. For a better explanation of this and the rating system, please read the Review Policy.


Summary of Review - typically one sentence finalizing my impression of book.

Target Audience - what kinds of people I think would enjoy this type of book.

Source of Book - the means of acquiring reviewed book: purchased, gifted, an ARC, or e-Book.

Books By Author - additional books by the author, for anyone that may be interested.


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