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Review: Ashes, by Estevan Vega

More than three months have passed since Arson and Emery were taken. Taken and then separated.

And experimented on.

Salvation Asylum is more like a prison than a psychiatric facility. Unknowingly, Arson has become a vital instrument in a campaign set to genetically alter mankind. Enraged, confused, trapped, and unable to fully manifest his abilities, he wonders if he will ever see Emery again. His new existence is one crawling with questions. Is Grandma alive? Where does the fire come from? Can he become more than a monster?

In Ashes, book two of the ARSON series, nightmare and reality collide as Arson must embrace what he is and the haunting realization that there may be others out there, others like him.

This is Book Two in Vega's ARSON series. To read my review for Book One, ARSON, click here.

If you've followed my reviews for the past few months, then you know how much I loved Arson. And when I thought that there was no way to improve on such an amazing story, Vega has decided to go and prove me wrong in Ashes. It's darker, grittier and so much more than what I expected it to be. Plus, it had just enough detail and reference to Arson that it was a slice of cake to delve right back into Arson's world.

One of the first things that I noticed in this book is that we get to know Arson a lot better, both past and present. He's always been a character of interest, but that's taken to a whole knew level in this book. Not only do you get to know him more, but you empathize with him so much that you feel everything that he feels and experience everything that he goes through right with him.

Of course, Emery is also back and you witness what she goes through as well. Both she and Arson go through a lot, not only physically but mentally as well - all while not knowing what has happened to each other. We're also introduced to a new character, Adam, who promises to get Emery out of the facility.

The POV changes a lot through the story. However, where most stories would get confusing and difficult to follow, Estevan writes the perspective changes so well that switching is as easy as counting 1-2-3. It doesn't take you out of the story at all. On the contrary, it adds more layers to the story so we can see how everyone is effected by Arson and Emery's disappearance from their own lives and their entrance into Salvation Asylum. As we advance in the story, we not only learn more about the characters but also about the true purpose of the Asylum. The ending will both leave you breathless and longing for even more of Arson's world.

Like his other stories, Vega's description and detail in this book are so vivid that you feel as though you've dived right into the dark world that he has created. Every page is chock full of amazing storytelling that keeps you flipping from beginning to end - hanging on to the very end of your seat the entire time.

Rating: ★★★★★
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Series: Arson (Book 2)
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Published September 11, 2011 by StoneGate Ink

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Giselle said...

Oh wow! I have this one to read in a couple of weeks so I'm excited to get to it now! I love multiple POVs when they're well done so I'm happy that this is a good one! Wonderful review!

Xpresso Reads

Kristi The Book Faery said...

I need to read the first one, it sounds fantastic.

Thanks for the great review, it got my attention :o]

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