Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Participants Needed for Blog Tour!

Beginning mid-January, I will be hosting a tour for Elizabeth Marx and her book, All's Fair In Vanities War. From the details that I know so far, this is shaping up to be a very fun blog tour that includes reviews, interviews, fun guest posts, and lots of giveaways - including a grand prize of a $50 Amazon gift card at the tour's end! But, like any tour, I cannot simply do this alone.. so, I need you guys to help me out!

For this tour, I need volunteer bloggers for:
· Reviews
· Author Interviews
· Guest Posts
· Top Ten Lists

E-copies of All's Fair In Vanities War will be given to all of those that are willing to post reviews. Elizabeth has also offered to mail bookmarks (US only!) to those that want to do giveaways during the tour. If this sounds like something you'd like to do, there is a place on the form to include your mailing address. Don't worry, it's private and will only be shared with Elizabeth so she can mail out the bookmarks.

I will keep the sign-up form up for exactly one week and will be e-mailing the participants soon after with more details about the tour. There is more information on All's Fair in Vanities War under the sign-up link.

All's Fair in Vanities War
(The Seer's Seven Deadly Fairy Tales)
Keleigh Flaherty is born a Devas.

At one her mother is certain she is a Celtic ExtraOrdinary being of light, and leaves the protection of the Order to conceal her.

By three Keleigh speaks fluent Gaelic, and whispers start.

At five she makes one playmate fly, and another one dies.

By seven Keleigh reads her mother’s fear in her reflection.

At nine she is brainwashed, her ExtraOrdinary powers exiled.

By eleven Keleigh convinces herself she’s just an Ordinary girl.

At fourteen she witnesses her parents’ death by beasts that only exist in fairy tales.

By fifteen the Order shrouds Keleigh in Salem, she is given a sacrificed Seer, and Locke Cavanagh detests her.

At sixteen her mother contacts her through a magic mirror and insists Keleigh find a forgotten relic by the next blue moon.

Now Locke is her only hope for locating the artifact, but he knows the key to its discovery is in Keleigh embracing her ExtraOrdinary gifts, because they will need their combined abilities to battle the ShiningOnes over something so powerful.

And if they fail . . . Keleigh will never see seventeen.

Note: The banner used for the announcement of this blog tour is NOT the official banner for the blog tour itself. The official graphic will be seen during the tour in January.


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