Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Reborn Review

Reborn (A Goddess of Night Novella)
Ley Mesina

Publisher: N/A
Release Date:
May 25, 2011
Kindle Edition
4/5 (Avg 3.5/5)
Lily Westbrook knows she is anything but ordinary. When her powers fully mature on her eighteenth birthday, she realizes that being half witch and half vampire is more of a challenge then she was let on to believe.

After being accepted to Kensington University in Cedar Creek, Massachusetts, she sets out on a journey that pulls her deeper into the world of witches and vampires, uncovering the truth about her past and discovering who she is meant to be.

Reborn has that "diamond in the rough" appeal that I do like with some novellas, though it had a little more emphasis on 'rough' because of the spelling and grammatical errors. With a little fine-tuning in editing, this can be fixed so I'm not going to throw this part into the rating - I just thought it should be known to people who are bothered by things like that. Being a reviewer and reading ARCs, I've learned how to look over these things so I cannot justify it one way or the other simply because of that.

With that out of the way I can say that I did enjoy Mesina's story. Vampires versus witches has been done before, yes, but this story has its own small unique twist in mythology that takes it above being completely cliché. With the perspective changing to varying characters, it was good insight into all that was going on but could be confusing at times. You catch on quickly, but I would have liked to see the POV focus on just one or two of the characters, that way you could bond to those specific characters (especially Lily) and be able to relate a little better.

Overall, this was a nice read to finish in one-sitting. It's an great introduction story with a decent understand of everything that is going on. It has all the characteristics that are needed for a novella, and leaves you wanting to know a lot more - as it should. It's a fun little read and I can't wait for the follow-up.


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