Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Blog Tour Guest Post: Character This Or That

Today, I have the extreme honor of having Michael, one of the star characters from Heather Terrell's Fallen Angels series, here with me to share his choices in a This Or That list. Enjoy!

Book or Movie?
While I love movies (and even went on my first date with Ellie at the movies), I’d still probably pick books. They transport you in a way that only flying can.

Reading or Writing?
I’ve got to go with reading on this one too. For the same reasons as I listed above.

Sunrises or Sunsets?
I’ve shared too many amazing sunrises and sunsets with Ellie to select just one. I love them both.

Romance or Mystery?
I think I’ll go with romance, as I’ve had my fair share of mystery these days.

Love or Lust?
Love. Every single time.

Love or Trust?
How can you have love without trust? I’ve got to say both.

Beauty or Brains?
I’d select brains, because I always see beauty within them. Ellie’s got both, of course.

Black or White?
I’d pick white. I’ve seen too much darkness lately, even within myself.

Honesty or Lies?
I strive for honesty, but sometimes I’ve gotten tangled up in some lies because of my personal weaknesses.

Organized Religion or Spirituality?
I’d pick spirituality, definitely.


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