Monday, January 24, 2011

Before & After: Sarah Jamila Stevenson

Sarah Jamila Stevenson is a writer, artist, graphic designer, introvert, closet geek, enthusiastic eater, struggling blogger, lapsed piano player, household-chore-ignorer and occasional world traveler. Her previous lives include spelling bee nerd, suburban Southern California teenager, Berkeley art student, underappreciated temp, and humor columnist for a video game website. Throughout said lives, she has acquired numerous skills of questionable usefulness, like intaglio printmaking and Welsh language. She lives in Northern California with her husband, who is also an artist, and two cats with astounding sleep-inducing powers.

Her debut novel, The Latte Rebellion, was released January 6th by Flux.

12/15/10: It's been a wild ride up to this point. Some days I feel like jumping up and down for joy, thrilled that my book is finally about to come out and excited about the launch events to come in January and February. Other days I'm too nervous even to think about it. I wallow in terror that readers won't like it, or that my family and friends will hate it and will be too polite to tell me so. But then I take out the ARC I was sent and I'm amazed all over again at the tangible results of all the hard work that went into this project, and I can't help smiling. Even if I do look a little insane standing around by myself smiling at apparently nothing...

1/17/11: Now that my book is out in the world, I'm both excited and petrified. I'm excited because finally it'll be out there for readers to (hopefully) enjoy, but petrified because I don't have any control, of course, over whether or not they're going to like it! There are a few criticisms already floating around, but every time I get a note or an e-mail from someone who was really touched by the book, who wrote to me because it resonated with them in some way, it makes my day, and I'm reminded of why I'm doing this in the first place. It's especially meaningful when I hear that a teen reader liked it, because that's really who I'm writing for. Now, on to the next project...

Reviews For The Latte Rebellion
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Sarah Stevenson said...

Thanks, Missy, for featuring me! It was fun (and funny) to look back on what I said a couple of months ago about the process. I'm sure my feelings will continue to change as time goes on. :)

Syki said...

Thank for this feature. I am closet geek too! :D :D :D

Unknown said...

It's great to have an idea of what the authors felt to have their works published.

molly (a dazzling distraction) said...

I can't imagine the combination of excitement and nerves that Sarah describes. It would be hard to hear criticisms knowing how much work goes into a project, but at the same time, the positive responses would be even more meaningful. Thanks for sharing!

Life's Simple Pleasures said...

COFFEE!!! you got me at the cover!! and she is so talented too. very cool feature post category. this Before and After. it is so interesting!

RivkaBelle said...

this is a book i keep seeing pop up in random places, so i like this peek into sarah's head :o)

this is the coolest feature ever, btw!

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