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Review: The Cries of Vampira, by Sean H. Robertson

The Cries of Vampira: The Horror of Gaad Grey, The Evil Alpha Werewolf - Volume 1
Sean H. Robertson
Paperback, 82 pages
November 2, 2010
isbn: 1453808418
isbn13: 9781453808412

Princess Kristin, Princess Kylie and Prince Kolbe Robertson are Triplet Teen Assassin Vampires. Their royal family, the Robertson Clan, occupied the throne of Scotland during the 11th and 12th centuries. Their peaceful homeland of Vampira is under daily attack from the evil Alpha Werewolf Gaad Grey and his horde of Grey Wolves, who seek to decimate the Vampire species and enslave humanity as well.

The story starts out with the Vampirians and Grey Wolves battling one another. There are many casualties, including the Vampirian King as well as Gaal and Gomer Grey of the Grey Wolves - which their son, Gaad, is there to witness firsthand. As the wolves retreat, a lone wolf named Loki comes into the picture and takes Gaad under his wing. Now, seventeen years later, Gaad is set on revenge against the Vampirians, while the King's triplets - now seventeen - are seeking peace between Vampira and the Grey Wolves. But it seems like the only way they can do that is to destroy Gaad, who's hellbent to destroy Vampira and all that it stands for.

Those that are weak at heart when it comes to gore and violence may need to take warning that you will see a lot of that in this novella. This story is surprisingly dark and menacing in ways that I did not think was possible for such a short story, but Sean somehow managed it. For a novella, there was a ton of story and lots of action crammed into the story. Like most novellas that I enjoy, I have to say that this story is too short! I'd love to read a lot more, though I'm sure I'll get my wish with upcoming volumes - I'm just impatient and want to read it now! ;)

For a short story, you get a pretty good sense of what each of the characters are about. Like most vampire/werewolf stories, the two supernatural beings are arch enemies. However, that's where the similarities stop. Unlike most cute and cuddly stories these days, this story takes us back to the unforgivingly violent look at these species. The werewolves in the story definitely take the driver's seat in the violence, as the Vampirians seek peace between their kinds. I have to say that the vampires did disappoint me because I thought they were a little too nice, but maybe they will be redeemed in upcoming volumes. I sure hope so!

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this story and ran through it very quickly. I can't wait for the next in the saga!

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Avg. Rating: 3.5

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A special note from the author, Sean H. Robertson:

When YOU add this book to your To-Read shelf today, YOU'LL be helping to SAVE THOUSANDS OF LIVES in 2011 through my donations to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, part of my global suicide prevention movement. You'll enjoy the NEW & MOST ORIGINAL Vampire series at the same time, which is now on 224 To-Read shelves worldwide since 11-8-10!

The author, Sean H. Robertson, is now donating TEN PERCENT of his royalties for the entire "Cries of Vampira" book saga to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, because as their slogan says, "With Help Comes Hope." Sean is an overcomer of depression as a former victim of child molestation & wants to help EVERYONE who is battling hopelessness & despair worldwide.


Unknown said...

Ah. I'm not into gore! I got this for review too. The names sound so confusing. But it would be nice to go back to the violent vampire/wolf myth!

Melissa (My World...in words and pages) said...

Glad to see you enjoyed the read too. I thought it started off a little hard and rough but by the end I enjoyed it very much. :)

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