Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday Update!

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I'm home from out of town - a little stressed, but so relieved to be here until after the holidays. First off, something crazy happened... my debit card was flagged as fraudulent! Why? Because I have been pretty inactive using my own debit card since my husband and I have had a joint account. However, I used it multiple times out of town to get gas, mail off packages, and order books. The crazy thing about it was that it kept getting approved, so I didn't know until I got a letter from the post office telling me they couldn't mail my packages that have been up there for almost two weeks! The bank flagged it the first time I used my debit when I got gas and used it as credit instead of debit. Apparently, that was "suspicious" - even though that's how I always use my debit card because I'm always weird about people getting my pin number! SO, tomorrow I have to go to the post office and get that straightened out. After, I need to either e-mail or call Book Depository and see if I can straighten out that hot mess. So for anyone that I owe books and packages to ... I'm not trying to screw you out of what you deserve - I'm just trying to straighten everything out. Sorry! I didn't know it was going to be such a big ordeal to use my own account. ;)

In other news ... I'm looking very forward to next year. I have several new features for this blog that I hope you guys will enjoy. I'm working out kinks and e-mailing like crazy to see if one of the features will be possible, so I'm going to wait a few days to tell you guys about that. However, I will tell you that one of the features is going to be called "After Hours", which will be where I post reviews for more adult-oriented books after 9pm. During my "free read" time, I took a break from Young Adult and read more adult books I'd love to review on here. I'm really excited about this!

So, that's the news ... now, time for books!

Last Week ...
The Nightmarys, by Dan Poblocki
The Cries of Vampira, by Sean H. Robertson
Tyger Tyger, by Kersten Hamilton

These were books for review, but so enjoyable! I had fun reading all of them while I was out of town.

This Week ...
Memento Nora
, by Angie Smibert
Shadow of the Sun, by Laura Kreitzer
The Long Weekend, by Savita Kalhan

The last two are for book tours and I'm looking forward to them. Memento Nora was a review request, and I'm planning on reading that ASAP!

I'm taking it a little easy this week because I know I will be getting a massive pile of books for review this week to read over the next couple of months. AND I happen to know that I'll be getting the Vampire Academy series for Christmas. I've read all but Last Sacrifice ... so, I've decided to wait until after then to post all of my reviews. I'm thinking an epic re-read is in order. ;) I can't wait!!


Melissa (i swim for oceans) said...

OOooh I'm so looking forward to your new features, Missy! Have a safe trip back home :)

Savannah said...

Sorry about you debit card, that bites. They should of told you, instead of waiting for so long. I hate it when people do that. I am looking forward to your new features next year!!

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

I can't believe they did that to you with the debit card! How frustrating! Can't wait to see the new features.

Laura Kreitzer said...

Because of all my traveling, I contact my bank anytime I go somewhere. One time I went to China and if I hadn't of called ahead, they told me flat out they would have cancelled my card. I would have been screwed. Still--they should have called you immediately (or checked your signature at the post office against other transactions).

Enjoy your reading.

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