Tuesday, September 7, 2010

2010 Series Book Releases: September 5 - September 11

September 6, 2010

The Body at the Tower by Y. S. Lee (#2 in Agency)
The Counseling by Marley Gibson (#4 in Ghost Huntress)
The Truth Is the Light by Vanessa Davis Griggs (#4 in Blessed Trinity)

September 7, 2010

A Hand to Hold by Kathleen Fuller (#3 in Hearts of Middlefield)
An Artificial Night by Seanan McGuire (#3 in October Daye)
Assassin's Heart by Monica Burns (#2 in The Order of the Sicari)
Atlantis Betrayed by Alyssa Day (#8 in Warriors of Poseidon)
Beverly Hills Maasai by Eric Walters (#2 in Alexandria of Africa)
Buzz Off by Hannah Reed (#1 in Queen Bee mystery)
Chains of Fire by Christina Dodd (#4 in The Chosen Ones)
Cold As Ice by Sue Henry (#13 in Jessie Arnold)
Cross Your Heart by Michele Bardsley (#7 in Broken Heart, Oklahoma)
Deadly Daggers by Jim Lavene (#3 in Renaissance Faire Mystery)
Dexter is Delicious by Jeff Lindsay (#5 in Dexter)
Dragon Storm by Bianca D'Arc (#3 in Sons of Draconia (Dragon Knights II))
Driven to Ink by Karen E Olson (#3 in Tattoo Shop Mystery)
Getting to Happy by Terry McMillan (#2 in Waiting to Exhale)
Healer's Choice by Jory Strong (#3 in Ghostland World)
Immortal Sea by Virginia Kantra (#6 in Children of the Sea)
Last Dragon Standing by G. A. Aiken (#4 in Dragon Kin)
Liar, Liar by K J Larsen (#1 in Cat DeLuca Mystery)
Loco Motive by Mary Daheim (#25 in Bed-And-Breakfast Mysteries)
No Mercy by Sherrilyn Kenyon (#19 in Dark Hunters)
Riding The Night by Jaci Burton (#5 in The Wild Riders)
Royal Blood by Rhys Bowen (#4 in Lady Victoria Georgiana Charlotte Eugenie)
Scoop to Kill by Wendy Lyn Watson (#2 in Mystery a la Mode)
The Darkest Hour by Maya Banks (#1 in The Kelly Series)
The Dragon's Mark by Alex Archer (#26 in Rogue Angel)
The High King of Montival by S. M. Stirling (#7 in The Emberverse)
The Spider's Web by Margaret Coel (#15 in Wind River Novels)
The Tale of Oat Cake Crag by Susan Wittig Albert (#7 in Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter)
The Thorn by Beverly Lewis (#1 in Rose Trilogy)
The Truth of Valor by Tanya Huff (#5 in Confederation)
The Witch of Hebron by James Howard Kunstler (#2 in World Made by Hand)
Tome of the Undergates by Sam Sykes (#1 in Aeon's Gate)
Trail of Blood by Lisa Black (#3 in Theresa MacLean)
Vampire Trinity by Joey W Hill (#6 in Vampire Queen)
Veil of Shadows by Shiloh Walker (#13 in Hunters)
Veil of Shadows by Shiloh Walker (#2 in Veil)
Vermilion Drift by William Kent Krueger (#10 in Cork O'Connor)
Vipers by Lawrence C Connolly (#2 in Veins Cycle)
What Distant Deeps by David Drake (#8 in RCN-Danial Leary)
Zero History by William Gibson (#3 in Bigend Books)

September 8, 2010

A Gift from Home by C H Admirand (#4 in Irish Western)
Cat Burglar Caper by Carolyn Keene (#27 in Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew)
Dark Moon of Avalon by Anna Elliott (#2 in Twilight of Avalon Trilogy)
Death on a Budget by Michael W Sherer (#6 in Emerson Ward)
Hazards of the Game by Norma Tadlock Johnson (#3 in Cedar Harbor Mystery)

September 9, 2010

The Dark-Hunters Vol. 3 by Sherrilyn Kenyon (#3 in Dark-Hunter Manga)
The First Wife by Tara Taylor Quinn (#1 in Chapman Files)
Wired by Robin Wasserman (#3 in Skinned)

September 10, 2010

Conquest Earth by William Manchee (#3 in Tarizon)
Proof of Life by Misty Evans (#3 in Super Agent)

September 11, 2010

Money or Love by Barbara Cartland (#3 in Pink)


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