Monday, August 9, 2010

Product Review: Light Source Lamp from CSN Stores

Remember that post I made about getting the opportunity to review for CSN Stores? Well, after a few days of choosing, I found something, ordered and now get to review!*

Honestly, the longest part of the process for me was actually choosing something that I wanted to review. They have so many things that I want! I got so confused, I asked my husband. The first thing out of his mouth was, "How about a floor lamp so I'm not blinded at night by the bright lights of the ceiling fan?" Like that, it was decided. Go figure my know-it-all husband would think of something immediately! ;)

So, I narrowed it down and finally picked the Light Source Zett Floor Lamp in Chrome ... chrome because I'm not exactly sure where I'm going with the remodeling of this house, but I know I want lots of chrome! Literally five days after my order was placed, it was here! I thought it was pretty fast considering I placed the order late at night on the weekend ... so, I wasn't expecting it to be processed so quickly.

Now ... guess how long it took me to put it together? Less than five minutes! I'm not even kidding. The worst part to the whole assembly was getting the tiny styrofoam balls off of it - and I'd rather do that than not have the styrofoam and end up with a damaged product.

The price was cheap, the shipping was FREE (look around, most of the things I wanted on the site offered free shipping!), the delivery was super fast, the assembly was easy ... and the light itself? The lighting is light enough, without being harsh. My husband can sleep with it on with no issues - which is saying a lot considering how sensitive his eyes are to light at night. I really can't say enough good things about this light ... it's perfect! I would recommend this product and CSN to all of my friends and family ... and I will definitely be a returning customer of the site!!

The Verdict?

*While the product from CSN was gifted, I was not paid for my actual review of the product. This is my honest opinion of CSN Stores and their product, and the review was not swayed by any other form of compensation.


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