Thursday, August 19, 2010

Home Sweet Home!

So, I’m sure by now that you guys have figured out in some way or another that I am, indeed, back home from my beach trip. All I can say is that I missed my blog so much!! I know this is just supposed to be a hobby that I do in my spare time … but, I find that when I don’t have access to it, I go a little crazy. Not only that, I miss my fellow bloggers and my followers! I feel like I’m abandoning you guys when I leave!

My vacation was definitely needed, I cannot lie about that. I had a blast with my friends. We went to the aquarium, had plenty of drinks (though I won’t lie I tend to drink way less than my friends and assume the ‘Mommy’ role – as I proved Saturday night when I had to take one of my friends to the ER), played games, enjoyed being lazy on the beach, took long walks around the town, and even did some fishing (Nick caught his first shark! I’m bragging, even if it was only a foot long!). The main point to the beach trip is that everyone relaxed. We didn’t care about work, drama, or anything that has caused us stress. It was g-r-e-a-t!

But, like all good things, it had to come to an end. I’m back at home and trying to get back into the swing of things. I won’t lie to you guys, I’m pretty dead on my feet. The last day at the beach, my husband Nick got food poisoning from something … so, I had to play doctor the past two days – which included driving the 3+ hours home from the beach on less than four hours of sleep. I won’t get any rest this weekend because I’m traveling to my hometown to spend the weekend with my parents and help them fix up their rental house, which is turning into more of a chore than anything for all of us.

Fear not, though … I will be back in full force on Monday. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking on how I want to work on my blog and I figured something out to do that will keep me busy – all of the books that I have on my GoodReads account, I am going to review on this blog! I’m also thinking about reviewing for the Examiner for my area as well – there’s already a book examiner, but I think there should be a Young Adult examiner as well. Why? Not enough kids I know are getting into reading – including some of my family members. I’m hoping to change this, one small step at a time. (Nevermind, too many horror stories there!)

So, starting MONDAY, there will more way more reviews and just more posts in general. It’s exciting!!


Katie said...

Welcome home and I'm glad you enjoyed your vacation. I think the YA examiner is a great idea!!

Lesa said...

Old follower stopping for FF to have a good weekend

Elizabeth said...

Nice Blog...first time here.

Najela said...

I'm an old follower just checking in.

I'm glad you had a fun vacation. Someone caught a shark? That's crazy... and just a little bit scary. I look forward to reading your reviews. I haven't had the chance to read anything this month. =/ I have to live vicariously through other book bloggers.

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