Monday, August 16, 2010

30 Days of Insight: Day 09

It is now Day 09 of 30 Days of Insight, inspired by Lost in YA Wonderland. Today is:

Five things you want to see change.

01. Prejudice against anyone and everyone. This means stereotypes are gone, as well as the hatred and judgments. This also includes EVERYONE - gays, Christians, Muslims ... everyone!!

02. The way our assistance is being handled. By this I mean welfare, disability, social security, etc etc. I'm tired of seeing someone with five kids have WIC and then have a crapload of money for booze, cigarettes, big fancy cars and houses. I'm tired of seeing people who are capable of work get disability because of inane things like they stubbed their toe at work - all while there are veterans and people who actually need disability going without. I could rant about this for hours, but I'm not.

03. The way PETA spends their money. They can pay celebrities millions for endorsements, yet they're euthanizing all the animals they get as fast as they get them in. When does the money actually go to the animals they're supposed to be helping?

04. Celebrities. I just wish they'd shut their mouth and do what they get paid to do - which is act, sing, dance, sports ... whatever they're famous for. I also think they're all getting paid entirely too much for the little that they do.

05. Budget cuts for schools and libraries. Let's take away things that don't really matter ... like all the fancy corporate parties, and start putting more emphasis on children's educations. If you want a budget cut, how about the officials who get paid hundreds of thousands a year to sit on their arses and decide which jobs to axe - then complain about how nothing's getting done because they don't have enough workers.


Ellie said...

I'd vote for you if you ever decided to branch into politics! Great post... :-)

Bonnie said...

I agree with everything and I am sick of celebrities and also upset that PETA pays celebrities. Those celebs should be donating their time not getting paid for it. Oh boy I could go on!

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