Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Shadow Girl of Birch Grove, by Marta Acosta

When foster teen Jane Williams is invited to attend elite Birch Grove Academy for Girls, she thinks the offer is too good to be true. It is.

Soon she starts receiving threatening messages from an unknown enemy. She's also beginning to suspect that the pale elegant headmistress and her gorgeous sons are hiding secrets. Lucky is the sunny, golden son who is especially attentive to Jane, and Jack is the dark, quirky older brother, who constantly puzzles her.

The longer she stays at Birch Grove, the more questions she has about the disappearance of another scholarship girl and the headmistress and her family.

What will she give up and what risks will she take to stay in this privileged world and be bound to Birch Grove forever? What's Jane willing to sacrifice for this once in a lifetime opportunity?

If you don't do anything else that I ever ask of you, please go read The Shadow Girl of Birch Grove. It's a free read, and you won't regret it.

I don't know how many people have actually read this. I know that Marta posted this on her blog a few weeks ago, but I've just now been able to get around to it. (Thanks, silly computer.) In any case, I strongly urge you to read it if you haven't! You'd be insane not to take up the offer to read this full-length novel for free. So, go read it. If you read it and you enjoy it as much as I have, then PLEASE promote and give word to your friends about it. Marta is a wonderful writer and this novel needs to be published! The more views, the more chances it has for that!


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