Monday, August 8, 2011

Blog Tour Character Interview: Emily from Ordained

It is my pleasure to welcome Emily, one of my favorite characters from Ordained, to the blog. She's here to give us a little insight into her world and some of the characters that she encounters.

Welcome, Emily. Tell us, what are your thoughts on the Order's training program?
They have a training program? I could’ve sworn it was just a bunch of stuffy old men grouped together in a creepy manor in the middle of nowhere, playing God, pretending to have all knowledge this world has to offer in the ways of weaponry and hunting just so they can feel superior in the eyes of children with abandonment issues. Did I mention that 95% of vampire hunters die against demons and not vampires? Yeah, that’s right – demons! Yet the Order refuses to acknowledge demons in our so-called training program and train us how to kill the different kinds. Arrrrrghhhh!!!! Sometimes I just wanna take this stake and shove it up their @$e$!!!!!

What was your initial reaction the first time you met Abby?
Well, I was sorta dead. I only met her because she healed my body (after I was attacked by a freakin’ demon! That’s right – demon!!!) and performed a reincarnation spell that returned my soul to my body. So, honestly, I was so freaked out about that, that I wasn’t even focused on Abby at the time. But, I guess if a gal *cough-vampire* brings you back to life, you should probably just stick with being thankful, right? Yeah, I know – vampire saves vampire hunter – it’s a messed up world I live in.

How have your feelings for Abby changed since the first time you met her?
Well, I’ve been training under her for two years now (something worthy of being called a training program) and learning about demons, so my opinion of her shot well above my opinion of the Order (hard not to though). I don’t know, she’s sorta like a big sister to me now. You know, the kind that takes you under her wing, protects you, teaches you, but will totally kick your @$ if you step even one foot out of line….that kind of sister.

Do you do anything outside of being a hunter?
Yep. His name is Tommy. Oh, wait. You probably weren’t looking for that, huh? Uh…hobbies, hobbies... I should have one of those, shouldn’t I? Maybe I’ll take up knitting. That way, if I get a surprise attack, I’ll have a nifty pair of metal needles to use as a weapon.

Is there any one single moment in your life that you would change?

Not dying would be pretty high on the list.

Thanks to Missy for letting Emily rant…she needed to do something to relieve the stress. Don’t forget to stop by my Crazy Dream Blog for a chance to win a copy of Ordained signed with a personalized doodle-graph. Giveaway ends August 20th.

- Devon


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