Thursday, February 24, 2011

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Do you judge a book by its cover?
- Aleetha

Honestly, it depends. If I'm looking at a book as an author request, the cover doesn't really matter to me. Content is too big of a deal for me on author's requests, so covers are only a small blip on my radar. If I'm looking online for books to add to my list or I'm shopping for books at a store... then I'm more likely to judge by the cover. Typically, if it's a cover that catches my attention then the book automatically gets more of my attention - I have to pick it up, read the blurb, see if there's any reviews, etc etc. If the cover is dull, I tend to pass up on it. Sometimes, this proves to be the wrong direction in choosing books. Some books with awesome covers are really, really crappy. Likewise, some books with crappy covers are really, really good. However, that doesn't stop me from doing it this way. In short, if it's my choosing with no request ... most likely, yes, I will judge a book by its cover.

How about you? Do you judge a book by its cover??

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