Friday, January 14, 2011

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Today's Question:
What makes up your non-human family?

Define "family". If by "family" you mean the animals that live with me, I have three inside with a stray who literally lives on my two-story deck that I feed and take care of. However, if by "family", you mean all of the animals that I love and take care of ... well, I claim my parents two dogs as well.

The above pictures are my immediate family. I have two spoiled chihuahua children - a female (black & white) named Dilla and a male (brindle) named Optimus Prime. The cat is Stormy, my cat that I brought in when I moved in with my husband. He's spoiled beyond the limits of spoiled, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I also have a stray cat who looks identical to my tuxedo cat outside, but getting a picture of him is nearly impossible as it takes me almost an hour of patience just to wait him out and actually pet him. His name is Timber.

Then, there's my other two babies. We got Taz (tan) from my sister-in-law (who I got Dilla from) four years ago when my mom found out she had cirrhosis. With Dad working and me over an hour away, we knew she needed a companion. I was thrilled because I had been around Taz since he was a wee pup. And we're still close. He practically claims me as his and stays by my side when I get there up until the moment that I leave. I guess you could say he's my non-human brother. Mimi (black & tan) is more like the non-human bitchy sister I never asked for, but I have any way. She went from being an experiment to permanent resident last year. She belonged to an old woman that fed her all day and never exercised her. In doing so, Mimi gained a huge amount of weight and lost most usage of her legs for lack of using them. They took her to my mom to get her exercise. It was successful. So successful in fact that the old woman decided to give Mimi to my mom so she wouldn't go back to her old state. She's still shaky on her legs, but she's lost a ton of weight and walks around more now than ever.

So, those are my babies. How about your non-human family??


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