Sunday, November 21, 2010

2011 Debut Author Challenge

Alright, so this year I failed miserably at keeping up with my reading challenges. As a matter of fact, I just gave up on them. I still read a lot ... just don't keep track of them very well. However, that was when I didn't take this blog too seriously. Now, it's a pretty serious thing.

For 2011, I've decided to fully participate in The Story Siren's Debut Author Challenge. Bloggers and non-bloggers alike can participate in this challenge - the only rule(s) being that you have to read a minimum of 12 books on the list and they MUST be from debut authors. I'm pretty excited about it, as I have already received a couple of these books to review any way.

I've only composed my list for the first three months, but I already have over 12. So, I thought I'd go ahead and share my list. The books I'm wanting to read are:

Unearthly, by Cynthia Hand
Across the Universe, by Beth Revis
Vesper, by Jeff Sampson
The Water Wars, by Cameron Stracher
Choker, by Elizabeth Woods

Angelfire, by Courtney Allison Moulton
A Touch Mortal, by Leah Clifford
Haven, by Kristi Cook
Darkness Becomes Her, by Kelly Keaton

Wake Unto Me, by Lisa Cach
Wither, by Lauren DeStefano
Entwined, by Heather Dixon
Falling Under, by Gwen Hayes

So, that's what I have so far. I'll probably make a tab for these books and their reviews later on. I'll keep you all updated!

If you're interested in participating in The Story Siren's 2011 Debut Author Challenge, click here for more information.


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