Friday, September 24, 2010

Movie News!

I was pretty excited about this news. I have a picture for you below. Let me know if you remember this or not. I hope you do.

Familiar, right? Of course, because it's from the movie Underworld! Underworld is one of my favorite vampire movies because, not only does it have a kick-ass female heroine and a hot mate for her ... but it also has my old-school vampires that are not able to walk in the sun. You know, the way they're supposed to be. ;)

In any case, word has it that Kate Beckinsale has signed for Underworld 4! This movie is going to be a sequel, following the romance between Selene and Michael. No director yet, but we have a script writer, a producer, and a time frame for the beginning of production - March!

Anyone as excited as I am?!


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