Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hello, World!

Hey, guys! How's it been?

I have to make a thousand apologies for being so inactive for the past year and so many odd months. I'm so ashamed to say that it's been that long but life got REALLY hectic for me and, unfortunately, this blog had to suffer because of it. 

So, what's been going on? Well keeping up with a toddler, for one! My little Riley will be TWO in just a couple months and it's making me so sad. I miss my tiny little Peanut but it's so exciting to be able to experience every little milestone with him. But he's not the only thing that's kept me busy. My husband has decided to become a volunteer firefighter, which re-ignited his passion of wanting to one day become a full-time firefighter. Aside from working, he's been taking as many classes as possible to make that dream come true -- which means I see very little of my husband. He gets off of work, comes home to eat and change, then he's out the door again. Even if he has a night off, it's rare we get to see much of each other since he's on-call as a volunteer and he goes on as many calls as he possibly can. I am so very proud of him... HOWEVER, having my husband away so much really puts the burden of all household and child-related activities on me. And THAT is truly why this blog has suffered. 

I have been extremely overwhelmed with all of it thrown on me kind of all at once. But I have found a method to all of the madness. And now that I've [hopefully] got it all mostly under control, I can get back to something for me -- this blog!

Although I've been away, my love for reading has never waned.. and I'm almost certain that it's slowly (but surely) growing on my son as well. I still read a lot of YA but I have been reading a lot of other books in many other genres also. I predict this will more than likely influence the types of posts and reviews that show up on this blog. Hope you all don't mind!

Overall, I'm truly excited to be able to get back to this blog and my love of reading. I apologize for being away for so long and I do feel horrible.. but I can't exactly say that I regret it since it's given me the quality time I needed away from the computer and with my family. 

Expect reviews to start popping up soon!

Until then.. here's my most recent favorite picture of my little guy! :)


Amber Elise said...

Aww he's soo precious!

Don't worry Missy, Family trumps blogging always and forever.

Amber Elise @Du Livre

Melliane said...

Oh Missy, I'm so happy to see you again there! I missed you. But wow you had many things to do I see and I hope everything will go well with your husband. And the little one is so cute! Good luck for everything and it would be a pleasure to read you once again.

Unknown said...

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