Thursday, March 15, 2012

Blog Tour: Into The Past with author Rachel McClellan

Today I have Rachel McClellan, author of Fractured Light, here to tell us about some of her favorite books throughout the ages.

Books are eternal. I love so many of them. When I was five, I loved A Pocket for Corduroy and still do. I wanted a pocket sewn on to me for the longest time, but apparently Kangaroos’ have cornered that market.

At age eleven I was into R.L Stine’s Fear Street books. This is when I discovered a love for things that go bump in the night. At sixteen it was LJ Smith’s Vampire Diaries and Secret Circle. I also loved Mary Higgins Clark books. At age 20 it was Anne Rice’s Interview with a Vampire or any of Dean Koontz’s books.

Wow. Looking back, A Pocket for Corduroy was the only book that didn’t have some element of fear in it. But then again, you have no idea what I imagined was in his pocket.


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