Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What Boys Really Want, by Pete Hautman

Lita is the writer. Adam is the entrepreneur. They are JUST FRIENDS.

So Adam would never sell copies of a self-help book before he'd even written it. And Lita would never try to break up Adam's relationship with Blair, the skankiest girl at school. They'd never sabotage their friends Emily and Dennis. Lita would never date a guy related to a girl she can't stand. They'd never steal each other's blog posts. And Adam would never end up in a fist fight with Lita's boyfriend. Nope, never.

Adam and Lita might never agree on what happened, but in this hilarious story from Pete Hautman, they manage to give the world a little more insight into what boys and girls are really looking for.

The premise of What Boys Really Want is simple enough. Boy and girl are friends. They hang out and have a light-bulb moment where they think it would be fun to tell girls how guys really think. Only, the boy takes it one step further by deciding to write a book about it - without the girl. What follows is a disastrous amount of miscommunication and the threat of the demise for a great friendship.

Pete Hautman really hit the nail on the head with this YA contemporary read. The story is told in alternating points of view between Adam and his best friend Lita. The switched between their views, I think, makes one of the best parts of the story because it gives us an insider's look as to how the reactions of each gender vary to the same situation. Obviously, for me, it was much easier to relate to Lita, but it was also nice to know what Adam was thinking and why he did what he did. It's much easier to understand both parties. Aside from Adam and Lita, we have an array of supporting characters that really help to flesh out the story well. No matter how minor a part, each character has a very distinct voice.

Although it begins a little slowly, the pace of the story really begins to pick up during the second half of the book. With the snippets of advice or blog entries introducing each chapter and it's witty dialogue, I have no doubt that readers will be devouring this romantic comedy like it's nobody's business.

Rating: ★★★★✩
Source: Young Adult Books Central

Title: What Boys Really Want
Pete Hautman
Scholastic Press
ARC, 297 pages
Release Date:
January 1, 2012

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Alyssa Kirk said...

Haven't heard of this one, but it sounds hilarious! I need to take a look at this one

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