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The Vincent Boys, by Abbi Glines

Being the good girl isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Ashton Gray has grown weary of playing the part to please her parents, and to be worthy of the town’s prince charming, Sawyer Vincent. Maybe That’s why she’s found herself spending time with Sawyer’s cousin, Beau, while he’s away for the summer camping with his family. Beau is nothing like her perfect boyfriend. He’s the sexiest guy she’s ever seen, dangerous in ways she’s only day dreamed about, and the one guy she should stay away from.

Beau never envied Sawyer his loving parents, his big nice home, or his position as quarterback. He loves him like a brother. Which is why he's tried everything in his power to keep his distance from Sawyer’s girlfriend. Even if he has loved her since the age of five, Ashton is Sawyer’s girl, so therefore she’s off limits. But when Sawyer leaves for the summer, Ashton, the one girl Beau would move Heaven and Earth for, decides she wants to get into trouble. Stabbing the one person who’s always accepted him and stood by him in the back, is the cost of finally holding Ashton Gray in his arms. Is she worth losing his cousin over?.... Hell Yeah.

I swear, I can read a thousand and one books on high school loves and I just cannot get enough. It's as though I'm vicariously living through the characters since my high school love life was not so great.. and pretty non-existent, considering I never thought I truly loved anyone until my husband came around after high school. I had a nice amount of boyfriends, but love? Yeah, not so much. So, stories like this make me all warm and fuzzy.

With that said, I think it's kind of obvious that I loved this book. I loved the whole dynamic of the friendships between Ashton, Beau and Sawyer. I enjoyed the whole story of Ashton rekindling her old friendship with Beau. Even if it seemed a little shady to me that she did it behind her boyfriend's back, I understand the motive behind her decision to do so. Ashton was a great female lead, though I feel as if she lost a bit of her steam as the story progressed. She started out as a strong character, but toward the end turned a bit dependent on the boys to fight her battles for her. Normally, I'd really start losing respect for a character once that happened. However, having those chapters in her POV and understanding why she did it because she felt as though she deserved it.. well, I didn't lose all hope in her. Maybe because I know, given her situation and her actions, if I was in her shoes I would feel the exact same way. Is it completely, 100% rational? No, but when you're a teen and in love... everything is rational.

I also enjoyed the chapters from Beau's POV. Without those, I think I might have seen him and his actions as a little more shady than what I did. But once you get to see just how love-struck he has been with Ashton (and still is), then you kind of fall completely and madly in love with him as well. I also enjoyed Sawyer. To be honest, all three main characters were great but definitely had their fair share of faults in how their relationships got trapped in this whirlwind madness. Thankfully, they all owned up to their actions and things seemed to wrap up nicely with them.

The plot of this story is something we have all probably read before a time or two. What makes this one refreshing and stand out uniquely from the others is that we have characters who aren't perfect, but know that they're not perfect. Yes, they may make some mistakes and know they're making them even as they're doing it but they learn and face their consequences head-on. The characters really take precedence in this story, and the HEA that you get is really just the really good icing on an already delicious cake.

Rating: ★★★★
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Title: The Vincent Boys
Abbi Glines
Kindle, 174 pages
Release Date:
October 12, 2011

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