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Robyn Carr Q&A

Robyn Carr

You write a lot of strong women, but they all go through some sort of character evolution in Virgin River. What is it about the town that helps people discover their best selves?
Every woman faces the challenges Virgin River women face! That’s why the readers relate and write to me about their own issues. They don’t all have breast cancer or widowhood or domestic battery todeal with, but they all relate personally. If it’s not the reader who has had these experiences, it’s the reader’s sister or cousin or neighbor or co-worker. And the things that get women through crises like these are professional help, friendship, opportunity, understanding, education and no small amount of love. It’s all there—there is Mel Sheridan, a women’s medical practitioner, Jerry—the psychologist one town over, Jack and Preacher, marines who have seen it all and are wise to the casualties of war, Noah Kincaid, a minister with a wide view of spiritual faith and the world, and dozens of willing friends and neighbors.

Do you have a favorite place in Virgin River? (Everyone loves Jack’s!) If it was a real town,where would you spend most of your time?
Oh, there’s no question—I would never miss an event at Jack’s. And while it would severely threaten my weight, I’d eat there at least once a week. There’s nothing like a local hangout where you can find your friends and catch up on the local news.

Do you find it's harder to write the male or female characters, and why? Unlike many romances,the men in your books feel as multi-dimensional as the women. Conner from Hidden Summit is a very strong male lead and Dylan from the forthcoming Redwood Bend is so much more than a former movie star heartthrob. How do you manage to make everyone seem so real?
They’re all hard, and a complete joy to investigate, study and develop. I imagine them. I think about them constantly. I create the ideal man or woman in my mind—stronger and better than me, absolutely. Admirable. People with flaws they desperately want to overcome, with desires they can’t quite figure out how to satisfy. In fact, sometimes they are so much smarter than I am, I can’t figure out how to get them out of their problems and off to happily ever after. We tussle. I wrestle them to the ground and try to hold them still until I can figure out what they want, what they need. And nothing, nothing is more satisfying than creating a whole, imaginary person that can speak to a reader, possibly serve as a role model for a reader who has had similar challenges and has been looking for her own answers. For HIS own answers—because many men write to me as well. After Paradise Valley was published I received dozens of emails from men who were amputees—and they were very positive letters. That’s what I live for—an endorsement from a real person!

We meet Katie, Conner’s sister, briefly in Hidden Summit and have a chance to get her story in Redwood Bend. She lost her husband in Afghanistan and there are someheart-wrenching scenes when we get into her psyche and experience a hint of what life would be like after losing a loved one in war. How did you write Katie’s character?
She’s a very tidy composite of young women I’ve known—single mothers with a singular dedication to raising the children they’ve been left with. Additionally,Katie has a fantastic personality that melds intelligence, courage and humor. She’s due a break; she’s held strong through lots of tough times, not the least of which was burying the love of her life before her sons were even born. She’s a lesson in fortitude, optimism and almost savage motherhood. I love her. I wish I was her. And if I were a strong young man who didn’t believe true love was possible for me, I would end up her slave forever.

Hidden Summit
Virgin River, Book 17
Mass Market Paperback
400 pages
Published by Mira
December 27, 2011
Sick of running into her cheery ex-husband and his new wife, Leslie Petruso accepts a job at the Virgin River branch of Haggerty Construction and takes the high road right out of town. Now she's got Paul Haggerty's business running like a well-oiled machine. In fact, things are so busy Paul jumps at the chance to hire an extra set of hands.

Just like Leslie, Conner Danson has been burned by love. But if Leslie was disappointed by her relationship going bad, Conner was decimated. He's got no time for women…although he spends an awful lot of time pretending not to notice Leslie. And she's pretty busy "ignoring" the chemistry between them.

According to Conner and Leslie, they have only one thing in common—they're done with love. But everyone in Virgin River can see that things are heating up at Haggerty Construction. And as far as Paul Haggerty can tell, the best thing he can do is hang on to his hard hat and watch the sparks fly!

Coming Soon...

Redwood Bend
Virgin River, Book 18
Mass Market Paperback
400 pages
Published by Mira
Expected February 28, 2012

Katie Malone and her twin boys’ trip along the beautiful mountain roads to Virgin River is stopped short by a tire as flat as her failed romance. To make matters worse, the rain has set in, the boys are hungry and Katie doesn’t have the first clue about putting on a spare. As she stands at the side of the road pondering her next move, she hears a distinct rumble. The sight of the sexy, leather-clad bikers who pull up beside her puts her imagination into overdrive.

Dylan Childress and his buddies are on the motorcycle trip of a lifetime. But the site of a woman in distress stops them in their tracks. And while the guys are checking out her car, she and Dylan are checking out one another.

In one brief moment, the world tilts on its axis and any previous plans Katie and Dylan might have had for their futures are left at the side of the road.



Jemi Fraser said...

Those sound like great stories - thanks for the tips! :)

France said...

Robyn Carr’s Hidden Summit is the seventeenth book in the series. I believe I skipped a few books, but it didn’t matter. Carr brought me back to the quaint town that I first fell in love with. Everything was where I left it, and the characters were there to welcome me back. But don’t get me wrong. I was a little hesitant to read this. And to my surprise, I found comfort in the familiarity of the characters. Hidden Summit was clearly different from the other titles in the series.

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