Sunday, June 5, 2011

Giveaway Deadline Change and Q&A! (Giveaways CLOSED)

Today was supposed to be the LAST DAY to enter the four giveaways that are part of the 1st Annual Anniversary Celebration. However, with the response and all of the questions I was unable to answer while out of town... I've decided to extend the deadline until Saturday, June 11th at midnight!

The response has been extremely overwhelming and it swells my heart knowing that I am able to give four of my readers a gift. I hope to do more of these as time goes on. As I've said, I have had a few questions I haven't been able to answer concerning extra points and the such, so I'll try to address them here. Even if you've already entered, you may want to glance over the next bit.

1. What is mandatory for entering?
On the forms, I think it's easy to figure out the mandatory entries because it won't let you submit otherwise.

Basically, I need the following: name, e-mail address, if you're a blog follower, the book of your choice. Yes, you have to be a follower to enter... the whole point of this is to celebrate my followers. You won't be punished or skipped over if you're a new follower - new or old, I love you all the same!

2. I put the wrong e-mail address and/or book choice on the form!
No worries! Simply e-mail me or comment on the post that you messed up on, leaving the correct information so I can change it!

3. I've already entered, but I decided that I wanted to get extra entries. Is it too late?

A lot of bloggers that host giveaways give extra entries to follow them on Goodreads, Facebook, etc. Can I get extra points for that as well??

I'm going to cluster these to together. I've received these questions A LOT! The answer for both is: sure, why not? If you guys devote extra time to doing all of these things... why shouldn't I take the time to give you a chance to get more entries?!

To make it simple on you, I've made a form! That way, all I have to do is go through and transfer all of the points from one form to another.

So, if you have already entered and have decided to get extra entries, fill out this form HERE.

To make it even easier on you, here are the links to my online accounts you can add for extra entries:Link
And here are the links to the giveaways:
Remember, you now have until Saturday, June 11 at midnight to enter! Good luck!!


Mysteriousrose said...

Congratulations! That's fantastic:-)

I found your blog on Blog Blogs and I'm a new follower^^

I hope you will stop by my blog and if you like it follow back. That would mean a lot to me.

Have a great day.


Unknown said...

What an absolutely enchanting blog. I am a new follower from Bookblogs. I would love it if you stopped by my blog for a visit and follow. Donna

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