Thursday, April 21, 2011

Blog Tour: Tens List with Jennifer Laurens

It is my honor to welcome Jennifer Laurens to the blog as part of her tour for her book, Overprotected. For more information, check out The {Teen} Book Scene's tour page.

Top Ten Things You Probably Don't Know About Me

I sing opera.

I used to work in the television industry. I was Julie's stand-in on the Love Boat.

People think I look like Marie Osmond.

I shook hands with Gene Kelly and consider that one of the coolest stars I met during my years in show biz

I like to travel with my entire family: all six kids, whenever possible.

I once had a muffin business to make extra money Mrs. M's Muffins.

I'm a certified scuba diver and search and rescue diver.

I had anorexia as a teenager.

I dedicated Overprotected to my husband.

My next YA novel idea was born when I was working in Hollywood in TV and films.


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