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Guest Post @ Pure Imagination!

Pure Imagination

I was going to make a quick post to tell you guys that I did a guest post over at Pure Imagination for Lori's Twilight Takeover month. I decided to take a different approach and did an interview with my husband to show a little inside the male mind of the Twilight phenomenon. I think it turned out well. As I was typing out the interview, I was telling my best friend Heidi about it - and she actually ended up answering the questions I asked Nick. I found the differences in their answers amusing. While some of their answers were pretty much the same, you can definitely tell the difference between the girl's answer and the guy's answer - which goes along with my whole post about how girls are more passionate about sharing their love for Twilight than guys are. So, why not share that as well? I'm going to post Heidi's answers that she wrote to me here so you can compare it to Nick's interview that will be posted over there. Hope you enjoy!

Note: Heidi's interview sounds a little more serious because I just tried to post the Q&A without all the silly banter we had in between -- you know how incredibly crazy banter between best friends can get. ;)

Missy: Alright, first question: What first made you interested in the Twilight Saga?

Heidi: I saw the previews for the first movie, Twilight, and then heard there were books involved. Being a person that generally likes to read a book before seeing the movie, I started reading them and was instantly hooked.

Missy: Once you started reading, what kept you hooked?

Heidi: I continued reading the stories not only for the story, but for the fact that SM wrote it in a POV that anyone could relate to and put themselves in their shoes. A girl is taught from the very beginning that she can be a princess and have the prince and the castle. In Bella's POV, you can relate to her getting the guy and falling in love with their one true love.

Missy: Did Stephenie Meyer's writing attract or repel your attraction to the series in any way?

Heidi: SM's writing style was befitting for the level of reader she was attracting. Not too hard, but not too easy. Definitely Teen Fiction, but also with hidden innuendos for the older readers.

Missy: Would you have liked the story more if it was told from Edward's Point of View?

Heidi: It would be a nice change of pace to get it from Edward's or even Jacob's POV. The male readers would probably be able to relate to that and therefore it would attract a broader audience then just horny teenage girls. Plus, being with Edward's POV, you get to see more of his life and what his day-to-day routines are, not to mention the rest of the Cullen family.

Missy: Do you think reading the story from Bella's POV gave you any insight into the inner workings of the female mind? ((For the record, Nick said no to this because he thinks Bella is too fictionally clingy to be a real girl.))

Heidi: I think the female mind is different and therefore can't be portrayed by one POV. Had they included Rosalie, for instance, you would have seen a different side of the female mind and therefore had contrast.

Missy: Some people think that Bella and Edward's relationship is unhealthy. Do you agree?

Heidi: For the age that she is in the book, yes to a degree and no in another. Yes, because she is young and still has so much life ahead of her to get tangled up in a boy. She's losing the experiences of her life by only seeing him and almost becoming obsessed with his existence. She is throwing her life away for him and wanting to become like him. But also no, because this relationship taught her alot about herself and the powers that even she has and proves that she is meant to be in his world.

Missy: From your perspective, do you think that Edward is controlling and/or possessive?

Heidi: I think he had her best interest at heart from the very beginning and knew what kind of life she was forcing herself into. I think he was neither, actually. He was protective and nurturing, trying until the very end to get her to live her life and not end up like him. When it comes to matters of the heart and how things are meant to be, you can't change how someone feels.

Missy: What's your favorite book in the series, and why?

Heidi: My favorite book in the series is Breaking Dawn. It's more adult oriented and is finally bringing about a sense of closure to the entire series. They get married, they finally release their sexual tension, and then the baby is born. It's more of the fairy tale ending that we've all been waiting for.

Missy: Who's your favorite character in the series? Why?

Heidi: My favorite character would be ... Rosalie. I can more relate to her cynicism and distrust for the world. We see later in the series why she acts the way she does and why she is so vehemently against Bella's transformation into a vampire. Rosalie is the voice of reason when everyone is so ready to give Bella and Edward what they want.

Missy: Do you like all of the history included in the story?

Heidi: I wish there had been more history and I think that would have come with changing more of the POV's. We learned of Bella and her estranged relationship with her father from the very beginning. Had SM either included other POV's throughout the books or created more books in the other character's POV, we could have gotten more history lessons. What was included in the originals was sufficient, but to me it's a personal preference to know more about the other characters.

Missy: Did the screen adaptations [so far] make you like the series more, less, or the same?

Heidi: The screen adaptations are suffering for me because of some of the acting. The first one was DREADFUL, but I know it's because they were just getting their sea legs, so to speak, and now with the second it is starting to get better. There is more action, the acting is better, and it's reflecting better on the written series.

Missy: How about the characters? Did the screen adaptations change your opinions of them any?

Heidi: No, but it's now nice to have a face with the character when you are reading about them and can imagine their expressions and body language.

Missy: Do you think more guys actually like the series than the number actually admitting to it?

Heidi: I think they will like it more with the next couple of movies since there is more action and violence. The werewolves have a larger presence and so do the Volturi.

Missy: Why do you think most guys are so ashamed to admit they have read [and might actually like] the series?

Heidi: It's a girly series and mostly because it is in a female's POV. It's not the guy fighting for the girl or all of the vampires, it's the typical damsel in distress and the prince on the white horse comes to save the day.

Missy: ((Last question I have so far)) Book vs Movie: Did the characters in the movies look like what you imagined they would when you read the series?

Heidi: I am very pleased with how well they casted the characters and I do believe they have them spot on. The only one I have an issue with is Rosalie and the fact that they should have gotten a REAL blonde to play her. Rosalie, in my opinion, is very regal and was regarded as looking like an angel with the blonde hair. The actress who portrays her has fried blonde hair and a mouth that is set like stone. I would've seen Rosalie being more nose in the air and a look of disdain on her face, not a face that says someone just farted.

So, there it is. Girl's POV of Twilight. Now, head on over to Pure Imagination and read the male POV. I promise you, it's worth it! While you're over there, check out the other posts and enter into the giveaways!


Blueicegal ♥ said...

ok i am laughing like crazy here, that last answer concerning Rosalie face haahaha!!!! very true she looks like such a fake blond and her features i imagined more on the delicate side, great interview, i just finished reading your interview with your hubby sand it was very interesting to comapre your best friends answers and his, good job! :D

Missy said...

Thanks so much! Honestly, it was a lot of fun and I was very surprised that my husband would agree to it. But I'm glad he did and I'm glad everyone enjoyed the guest post - as well as my friend's interview here! <3

Lori said...

Great post Missy! It's fun to see how different the answers are. I definitely agree about Rosalie. I like the girl who plays her but they probably could have picked a better person. And something about her has bugged me from the very beginning...I thought it was the wig but I finally figured out what it was...her eyebrows! They are making buckets of money with these movies and they couldn't bleach her eyebrows just a little lighter? lol!

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