Thursday, April 15, 2010

Katie's Spring Cleaning Contest!

In the past, I've wrapped all contests into one pretty little post with a nice little bow on top. Then, I realized that it's not giving the contest the proper recognition that it deserves. From now on, it'll be a separate post for each. That way, your attention is on the contest and not a thousand links that run together after skimming through twenty or so. ;)

* * * * * * * * * *

Katie is actually running TWO contests that both end on April 30th. The Linger ARC contest I have already mentioned, but this one is actually a little more than just a single title.

It seems Katie is running into the same problem that most of us bibliophiles run into, and that's not having enough room for all of your books! Lucky for us, she's giving away 20+ books! The best part? Entering this contest is as easy as the Linger one!

Head on over to the contest post on her blog, fill out the form, and hold your breath until April 30th! Okay, I kid about holding your breath. Catching up on posts on her blog may be a better idea - better for your health, anyway. =D


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